Public Service Announcement: Watch your colds

hat-tip to the Puppy Blender, but apparently the cold that’s going around messing with folks may not be your garden-variety cold. Not that personally I’d know the difference, being a teacher with a friend who does day-care — we work inside of diseased zombie pits(tm) — but this sucker can potentially get really dangerous.

Hrm… new virus. I wonder if that’s why all the cats have been sneezing and snarfing for days on end… anybody else have sick kittehs?

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  1. celogo

     /  December 11, 2007

    Sean and I had colds that lasted 4 weeks. When the usual 10-14 days passed, we hadn’t any fever, but the coughing and resultant gasping for air was freaky.

    Rog took Sean to the steam room at the Y for 30 minutes, which helped tremendously.

  2. Starting in the middle of November, I have nursed pneumonia in my god-son and mother up in Arkansas, my youngest had a full-blown case of the flu, and I have had the sniffles, along with my wife that stayed home today with a chest cold.

    It is all going around, God bless the rest of you that has health where you can find it.

  3. No kidding, James. I’ll say a prayer for y’all tonight. I’ve been watching my classes turn into plague-infested zombie pits… much worse than usual…


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