The 2012 Political Perspective Quiz

It’s an election year, and we all know what that means.  As a public service, I’d like to propose the following self-diagnostic for fellow news and politics junkies like myself. 

Take the Quiz!

  1. Does the NYT regularly wimp out by posting outrageously conservative editorials? 
  2. Is Fox News Fair and Balanced?
  3. Do you look to BeingLiberal or WorldNetDaily for a refreshing view of what moderate liberals or conservatives think?
  4. Have you ever REALLY looked forward to reposting something you read by DailyKos or LewRockwell?
  5. Is the Republican Party doing everything in its power to take women’s freedoms away by controlling their sex lives?
  6. Is President Barack Obama a Communist Muslim from Kenya?
  7. Is Ben Bernanke a heroic figure who saved the economy in 2008? 
  8. Is the Banking Industry a giant Jewish Conspiracy to enslave the world?
  9. Are Progressives the same thing as Liberals?
  10. Are Libertarians the same thing as Conservatives?
  11. Was Andrew Breitbart a hate-filled scumbag?
  12. Has there been a systematic cover-up of the Clintons’ politically-motivated murders? 
  13. Are there any substantive differences between the writing styles of Maureen Dowd and Ann Coulter? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from Ideological Conditioning Disorder.  This Disorder usually results from having been played like a cheap violin by figures in a major political party or movement, and tends to result in a narrowing of perspective and inability to understand why anyone could ever be so stupid and/or evil to disagree with a given political perspective, aka, yours.

But fear not!  There is a cure:  sit down, have a beer, and shut the fuck up. Meanwhile, as a necessary part of your return to homo sapiens cogitans, may we recommend you spend some time at the following internet news service… for perspective.

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