I smell like wet dog.

Well, actually, I smell like wet MOOSE… because I managed to flesh and mostly membrane a moosehide today.

I learned two things:

  1. Keep pressure hose off concrete, or else vibration will eventually wear a hole in said hose.
  2. Moose softens INCREDIBLY easier than cow. I’m starting to really understand why the brain-tanners refuse to even touch cow. I’m very likely, should I be able to source hides for tanning, to start working more in deer and elk and moose, simply because it’s so much less work to soften.

UPDATE:  It’s looking pretty good now, and is sitting in the frame sun-to-fur so that it can finish drying out.  I’ll take a couple of pics once I take a break.  I’m beat, and I’ve gotta be at the gym in two hours.

  1. (on softening)  Yeah.  That in spades.  Unless somebody wants tooled saddlery stuff, I’m not looking back.  Fergit cow.  I just softened sections of that hide that would have taken a semi-industrial process in cow, on the fly as an impromptu “break,” as I hot-stuffed another side of leather.
  2. A bigger and better (bulk-rate) frame would have helped.  I had to lose a couple of corners by the back legs because my frame wasn’t big enough to let me work them right.
  3. The fur itself has a really nice russet shine to it: the alum bath really seems to have brought out some of the color.  I’m thinking of rolling it up when it’s done and I’ve cleaned the fur off, and storing it wrapped up in a bag with cinnamon oil or something to block the scent, so that my wife objects.  She’s never had a dog, let alone a wet, dirty dog, and while the smell will diminish rapidly once it’s dry, it just seems like the “married” thing to do.

Or, maybe, I could rub it down in rosemary or lavender or something like that.  Rosemary, probably.  I just can’t see “lavender moose” as anything other than a bad disco trip.

Why I love the medieval conference at Kalamazoo

This led to innumerable hilarities as women who couldn’t have got a date in a men’s prison rejected the advances of ugly men who felt they were slumming.

Herr Doktor Professor Boethius von Korncrake visits Kalamazoo…

Defining warfare down

Russia’s cyberwar on Estonia‘s getting attention, finally.  But note… better l33t haxxors (or something like that, I have a life), than tank divisions.

How not to meet men?

They’re arguing over at Althouse again.  Here’s the link.  All those neurons, wasted on Typical New York MisAndrists.. they’re going nuts in the comments over wine-tasting.

Guys, Gals… forget the wine-tasting on its own merits.  (Though guys usually do that by purchasing a bottle and then discussing it over dinner… did that tonight, in fact.)

Look at the options for where these harpies are trying to meet men:  tennis.  wine-tasting.  SAILING.

What does this say?  Hrm…. what’s a ten-letter word, starting with “gold-digger?”
Yup.  I’m thinking there are plenty of guys taking classes in things they care about… and the men who are of a social class to engage in these other activities… are, because they learned to do them as teenagers, as part of the natural process of growing up rich.

Maybe Darwin’s doing us a favor if these people keep blaming men for being too stupid to fulfil their fantasies… all the way until it’s too late for these harpies to breed and pass on the meme to another couple generations…


dscn3876.jpgOr, things that squeak in the night.

And after all, if the Ravenous Bugblatter Mouse of Traal can’t see you…


I figured it was okay to spare the little sucker, as she was clearly unhappy with being stalked by the BooBoo, and

BooBoo was equally unlikely to actually catch the poor thing without at least a half-hour’s worth of terrified little “peep!” echoing down the hallway… which is what led me to discover it in the first place. At first I thought “oh, another baby possum.”


Oh, look, it’s dark and probably safe in there…

Not quite as cute, but still a runner up in the estrogen olympics. And still, it was an awfully well-behaved little mouse.


Who is currently out in the trumpet vine, possibly to live out the entire week on its wits and its merits. So, squeaky mystery solved, it’s back to bed for Bonzo. Early alarm, here I come.


And the bottom fell out…

no, not from the market… from the sky.  We just got over an inch in less than a half-hour.  And there’s another system headed for us.  It’s a huge wall, it’s dense, it’s dark, and it’s moving SLOWLY.

Our lakes are in good shape.  The ground is saturated.  And my squash plants are starting to turn into triffids, growing a foot a day.  (!!)

If this is global warming, give me more of it.  Having the gulf stream hang out down here longer in the springtime is suiting me just fine so far…

Propaganda. For OUR side.

It’s about time someone with the time and talent has clearly articulated what I like to call the Great Freedom War.

Just watch it, if this is something important to you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Breaking The REAL Axis of Evil. 46% of the world’s population lives in freedom.  What about the other half?

Freedom in the World.

People doing something about it.  Others, a different way.

The world’s tyrannical regimes are hard at work to roll back the past twenty years’ gains.   The cooperate regardless of ideology:  China will support any tin-pot dictator in Africa who will keep raw materials flowing.  The Iranians fund bombers both Sunni and Shiite, while cooperating with Hugo Chavez’ communist regime, which is happy to supply drug gangsters in Columbia, who are happy to cooperate with the kind of muftidun who think blowing up little girls for Allah passes Koranic muster.

They all cooperate with each other against the threat of freedom.  And those45 regimes stand with their boots on the necks of over two billion people.


Someday should be now.

Pinochet’s Ghost: Let them eat nanotech

Both Instapundit and Outside the Beltway are missing something important about the possibility of Russia being a nanotech leader:  free societies largely depend on the existence of a middle class.  That middle class can be agricultural or urban, service-sectored or industrial… but the deeply impoverished can’t defend themselves from government vampires (or in this case, siloviki, which amounts to the same thing: both are allergic to sunlight), and the upper crust can always cut themselves a deal or remove themselves from a threat.

Large economic benefits from nanotech, while having military repercussions, first and foremost have HUGE civilian production benefits.  So any power that thinks it’s going to use nanotech as a world-stopper, is going to realize that it has inadvertently “lowered the bar” on entry into the middle class… and thus hastened its own demise/transformation.

Thompson quotes Coburn telling the truth

People talk a lot about moral issues, but the greatest moral issue facing our generation is the fact that we are bankrupting the next generation.

Yep.  So, is this half a step closer to “Fred” running?  Well, in today’s environment, we know he’s running.

And so far, he’s saying things that need to be said.

Leftists “warns” of violence

this time, in France, where Segolene Royal warns of Sarkozy’s brutality.


Aren’t the leftist candidates always making veiled threats right before the voting begins?  Didn’t we just see this in Mexico?  First they threaten, then the people vote, then they lose.

Then the leftists unleash a bunch of lowbrow thugs to burn things while the election results are contested in the courts.

And then they lose.

I’m not supposed to like McCain

and, actually, I don’t, but when the guy sticks up for the troops (both calling poor policy what it is, and then praising better policy), and then comes out in favor of the Freedom House approach to spreading peace and democracy, it’s hard not to have McCain Feingold’s giant zit get a little bit of the greasy stuff get squeezed out.

Gov. Perry: Let Happycrow defend those kids.

Well, sort of.

But, working within a Federally Mandated Victim Zone, I can tell you that a college campus is too complex, and has too many odd corridors, for a pair of cops to get to within time to save anybody’s life if some deranged nutbag went at it.  And although the cops I’ve met on the campuses where I teach are great guys, they’re all in the middle-aged “I’ve signed on for a lighter-duty assignment so I can help people all day, because I’m not getting around as fast as I used to” category.  If some nutbag decided to come after my students, it’d all be long over by the time these guys could respond.

(With the clear and blatant exception of one campus, where we clearly have a vet, who I’ve seen repeatedly doing things like checking trash cans, etc.  He I can see matching or beating me in an impromptu emergency sprint…)

Folks who are willing to go through the training, and willing to submit to the State’s rectal exam, are generally not going to go causing any problems, and are much less likely to be the folks who go “sproing” upstairs.  The 673 licenses revoked out of 260K licenses issued is about what I recall from the instructor in the class… and folks who go sproing?  Well, once you’ve decided you’re going to go murder people, I’m guessing they’re not worried about firearm laws, or the speed limit, or any other component of civilized society, either.

Pelosi to spurn Uribe, meet with Chavez??

(ht: GatewayPundit)

The American Spectator apparently has pulled data showing that Nancy Pelosi is going to continue the fine Democratic tradition of talking a good line on freedom, and then going to sit down in a lovefest with every tyrant on the planet.

This time, instead of “the road to peace runs through the bloodsoaked carbombers of Damascus,” it’s going to be “we pee upon the people of Colombia as they try to free themselves, and instead with meet with Hugo Chavez as he single-handedly ruins Venezuela.”

This is ridiculous.  There are times when the Logan Act really should be enforced.

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