Chick Flick Review: “Enchanted,” a celebration of Retail


With a writeup like this, barfbags should come standard.

With a writeup like this, barfbags should come standard.

Category: Chick Flick
Toxicity: Nonlethal, but unusually large number of Tropes sighted — check for allergies
Side Effects: May cause males to make relationship-inappropriate comments during viewing.

Maureen Dowd
Maureen Dowd’s Hopeless Punk
The Chick
The Chick’s Competition
The Male Threat, a Prince
The Male Target, a Lawyer
The Chick’s Many Enablers (animal kingdom)
A Brave and Heroic Chipmunk (Male Bitch)
A Wise Chick-in-Training
Assorted Dorks and Idiots

Synopsis: Maureen Dowd tries to save her kingdom by keeping her son the prince (the Male Threat, who she’s apparently raised to be a blithering solipsist) from finding and marrying the one creature in all existence who can get a rat to scrub a toilet. Conflict ensues, and after much posturing, Maureen Dowd is destroyed by a heroic chipmunk, at which point the Chick trades up from Prince who will satisfy her needs to Lawyer who will satisfy her needs while enabling her to discover a brand new world of Shopping, and abandons a universe of Platonic Realism in which she can theoretically life forever in happiness, to remain in a mortal world yet satisfying world of Boutique Retail.

Oh, yes, and there’s a dragon in there somewhere. But she seems to mostly resemble Maureen Dowd, and is about as threatening, so who cares?

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Sometimes you just need a feel-good story

With an 80s beat.

Barnett’s hilarious

It’s one hell of a talk…. and funny, too.

Obama destroys Pelosi

Pelosi was briefed on waterboarding in ’02, per the WaPo (here via Politico).

This more or less settles the balance-of-power act in Congress — she’s his any time he wants to steer the red meat brigade after her.  The balance of power issue is resolved — and Pelosi is absolutely the loser.  She’ll be doing his bidding or else so long as there’s a Democratic base to play ball with.

Sleep or Diabetes

Apparently, take your pick.

No, Jim…

THIS is weapons-grade cute.

I don’t know what’s worse…

that people actually made this rap video, or that I know the singer’s psychic twin:

China and the US Dollar

One thing is clear: Beijing suspects that the US Federal Reserve is engineering a covert default on America’s debt by printing money. Premier Wen Jiabao issued a blunt warning last month that China was tiring of US bonds. “We have lent a huge amount of money to the US, so of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets,” he said.

No shit, Sherlock?  It’s not Gold, but industrial metals they’re going into…

The US has played a game of “screw its holders” for a while now, able to get away with flatly ridiculous monetary policy because of the petrodollar regime.  China’s move is actually good for all concerned — short-term this has the potential to hurt the US lots, but longterm, it will force some kind of fiscal sanity, in a system htat has pretty much openly defaulted on honest dealing.

It’s not us moving to a Gold Standard — but perhaps this is actually better.

Okay, that’s weird.

Possibly very fake, but possibly true, and very, very weird.

I’m guessing that the Somali pirates are only now to learn about the Mandate of Heaven.

Dorky, but I still want one.

HAL can help out.  I’ve done LOTS of jobs where strength-enhancement of any sort would have made things quicker and MUUUUCH easier.  Sure, the photo’s dorky, but the idea is spiff.

Personally, I hope it’ll translate for me. Or, maybe, laundry?

Wolfram Alpha:  Pretty damned cool.

For your 21c Seder…

Moses is on Facebook, apparently…

Ebay using a Turing?

Thank you for contacting eBay Account Security Live Help! Your feedback is important to us. Please take time at the end of this chat to fill out a brief survey letting us know how we did today.
10:51:42 SystemSystem
You are successfully connected to eBay Account Security Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
10:52:17 SystemSystem
Larry has joined this session!
10:52:17 SystemSystem
Connected with Larry
10:52:22 AgentLarry
Hello and thank you for contacting Account Security Live Help, my name is Larry. Please give me a moment to review what you have already typed.
10:52:36 CustomerRuss_Mitchell
(Happy to hold)
10:54:07 AgentLarry
I understand your concern. One moment please while I review your account.

The Valar Returns

Oh, shit.

This is a very, VERY bad sign.

We are small..

No, really.  Check this link out.  And when they say small… they mean… small.

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