About that whole “fight the power,” “stick it to the man” thing…

I put up a blog called wayweary.wordpress.com, and it is meant to provide things like a blacklist of professors who are unscrupulous, jobs listings, warnings, praise, event listings, ways for foreign students to make their way in Korea, and so on. I’ll be posting fun stuff on here. But if, for some reason, hypothetically speaking, I feel like posting 10 genitalia related posts (ahem), I don’t necessarily want to have that be the first handshake to students at the university.

That said, I will still be posting here from time to time, and have invited people to stop by and talk with folks here.

Male vs Female Mind

I saw the link over at Technogypsy, but wanted to put this up, because it’s a really really, good description for how guys think differently than gals do, and probably the best description I have ever seen, period, for how guys think… all the way down to knowing that I need to imminently change tracks, but that I’m not yet at the switch to do so.  This is how Happycrow defines “stress.” 

I don’t have empty tracks as often as, say, Technogypsy does.  Maybe I have two tracks, or a track-and-a-half: I actually used to be infamous back in colllege for “hopping back and forth between tracks,” and, sweet, now that I think about it, we actually used the same term.  On the other hand, I also can’t run nearly as large a train as that guy can run on a regular basis, either.  Goddamn.  So, I think the metaphor is sufficiently flexible to handle personal differences within the sex, as well.

Blake’s 7 Lives

They’re probably going to ruin the remake by bringing too many “contemporary themes” into it. But that’s okay. Many of the original episodes were awful in and of themselves — I was 14 and could see the plot holes and artificiality from across the living room — though the few times they were on, they were so on it was chilling.  It also had a very, very different feel from the “Star Wars, we’re outnumbered but obviously going to win anyway” vibe I’d seen earlier, let alone the consistently smug solipsism that constitutes the majority of Star Trek.

But I get to go to work knowing that my brother gets to spend the rest of the day making a very, very specific sound effect that only the geekiest of the geeks would recognize… so, that works.

Penis Thefts in Congo spark bad pick-up lines

Or, they should, at any rate.

Here’s the news.

“It’s not my fault, baby, I’ve been bewitched.”

“Hey, baby, help me see if thing still works?”

etc etc


On a side note to Mr. Visiting Artilleryman, I’m now mostly over being sick as a dog, and your paper will be edited and returned tonight/tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Plague Rats

They did it to me again — came to class with strep throat.

Guess what I have now?


Good lecture

Fellow named Ken Robinson, talking about education on TED.

He’s 100% right about professors and upper-academic residential conference discos, by the way…

Cloned humans? What’s the problem?

Can somebody please provide me with an argument about why cloning children is unethical that amounts to anything other than “this is different and makes me feel squirmy,” or, “OMG, the clones will all be enslaved into oppressed factory workers/clone armies?”

I too, support the Gadsden purchase

Heck, the Mexican government has been so moribund and detrimental to the rights of Mexicans, ever since Santa Anna abrogated the constitution, that if it werent’ for that pesky slavery issue, I’d have favored a major merger….

anyway, I don’t care if it’s already been Instalanched, this is a funny bit of counter-advertising by SKYY, even if their vodka sucks.  (Absolut’s is even worse.  Come on, folks, if you’re going to drink vodka, drink real vodka.  From potatos. Not made from grain like it’s something destined to be used to clean lab equipment.)

Question for the savvy blogger types…

I was looking at the terms for WordPress, and they talked about a 35 user limit. What is a “user” in this context? Is it a list of people who can add to the blog, or is it a viewer? If I invite 36 people to view Happycrow, does that hit Happycrow in the wallet? Is Happycrow only 35 users from getting slashdotted?

Happycrow is completely ignorant on this subject, as the idea that 35 people would want to be users on this blog seems extraordinarily unlikely.

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