Lileks is a God

Once again, Lileks punctures any sentimental but ignorant notions that the New Deal was Happiness in a Box.

Dissent?  What’s that?

German Airplane Flick

I know a guy, what doesn’t much care for the Cav…. how about, the Cav, complete with chick-flick prettyboys?

Actually, looks like it’d be a pretty good movie. All those sharp features are actually realistic: the wind itself tended to resculpt your face after a while…

Huckabee not that bad, after all?

Heard a “traffic radio” interview with Huckabee.  I have to say I really was much more favorably impressed with what I heard this morning.  Although I doubt it will happen, I could as easily live with a Huckabee Repub candidate as I could McCain.

Chuck Norris likes, him, anyway…. but I think he’d actually be okay as a Veep, and it woudl be nice to have a FairTax supporter somewhere actually near K Street.  (I know I’m going to get plastered on that by some folks, but I still think it’s a better idea than our current mess, especially in terms of generating foreign investment).

Lots of new worlds for us?

Looks like even the mainstream journos are picking up on the fact that there’s vast wealth and habitat out in the Oort cloud… let’s go!

And now for something completely different…

Remember when larger-than-life, oh-holy-cow pop stars had talent?

Enter the “Commandant of Flamboyancy” himself.  Check out those hands.  Sure, it belongs to an era when we had much less multi-tasking and MUCH longer attention spans… but this dude can PLAY.

It’s official: Obama is an idiot.

Heard a campaign announcement today from the Obama campaign, in which Obama promised to, and get this…

~stimulate the economy by repealing corporate income tax breaks, thus paying for a middle-class tax cut

~repeal tax breaks on corporations moving overseas.  It’s ridiculous, and it’s got to stop

That’s right.  Obama is going to stimulate the economy by making it more expensive for corporations to produce goods and services.

I have a quick heads-up for Sen. Obama:  hey, dumbass, why do you think those corporations are leaving?  It’s because the US is no longer competitive on taxes.  Can you say Sarbanes-Oxley, kids?

Okay, so he’s not John “I piss on the Bill of Rights” McCain, and he’s not Hillary “we shall abolish the individual” Clinton… but I’m supposed to listen to this advertisement with a straight face?  Obama is spending money in order to discredit himself.

Plague Zombies Ate My Brain

Folks, blogging is light this week because I’ve been sick as a dog — sick enough to take time off work (and I don’t get paid if I don’t work). It was the “classic.”

Which in teaching terms, means “some ridiculously contagious student who insisted he was over the flu walked right up and gave me his homework, and within moments I knew I was screwed.”

ANNNNNNNNND….. it’s not even 11 a.m., when I will get out the door to teach my one Friday class before settling in for about six hours of grading, and the wifey just stumbled back through the door looking like death.

So if you know us, we’re not be anti-social on purpose: just trying not to “spread the joy.”

Al Gore visits Central China?

You can really see global warming in action here, doing damage where it’s never done damage before…

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