Mother fails to feed fuzzy overlord, suffers Squirrely Wrath

Dude.  What’s the big problem with just feeding the little buggers and having done with it?

Lots of squirrels means lots of happy owls and other birds of prey that don’t do a darned thing to hurt humans and are otherwise pleasant to have around. (Though it sucks when a hawk takes your cat, I admit.)

My cat is a mighty suburban hunter.

While I was out kicking people in the head, apparently the Bunnywife heard a munching sound from the kitchen, and checked it out.

There was BooBoo, eating a chicken breast.

But… we didn’t have chicken tonight.  Or have any chicken thawed.

So, somewhere in my quiet suburban neighborhood, a child went hungry, because BooBoo (that’s his name, and boy does it fit) stalked the wild chicken breast, snagged it in his little teeth, ran home with it…. put it on his food plate on top of the leftover kibbles… and had dinner.

I may have to re-evaluate said cat’s IQ.

Building a library


(I know that the handful who’ve commented didn’t collectively look at this post 160 times yesterday…) 

This Christmas we’re going to bring the Bunny’s library to Texas.  It’s three generations worth of books in Hungarian.

And when that happens, yours truly is going to have “small library syndrome.”  Because my wife has a couple thousand volumes, and I was a Navy Brat who always had to give his books away, and then kept doing the intercontinental shuffle.

So, by field, what would you add?

Military history and science:  Is it worth having Jomini, even though he’s dated?  What are the titles one should have for reference, and what does a reasonably knowledgeable civilian really need to have?  (Mike, pipe up: you saw how my wife devoured your stuff this summer)

Math/Science:  Which books are written in a way that make useful skills and concepts easy to learn?

General History:  Which books illustrate the human trends that one definitely needs to know, even if your old man does history and is quietly pushing you towards the sciences so he can get into space?

Poetry:  I have a big blank here, b/c I grew up reading what Baby Boomers think is cool.  One more faux-poetry piece by Maya Angelou or E.E. Cummings, and I’ll puke.  Besides Kipling and Robert Service, who am I missing?

Art:  Technique and Appreciation

Economics:  Does a Hayek fan need to own Keynes?

Geography and TravelBalkan Ghosts aside… what really gives you a sense of a place?

Crafts and Trades:  I have leatherworking books.  What else teaches you things you need to know, or are useful skills, w/o a bunch of fluff, sales pitches, or misinformation?

Bookshelf of Bad Ideas:  Speak up, Blackpine, I intend to make this a reality.  But on a budget, which of these morons is a must-have for the collection?  Besides the obvious works of Soviet Agronomy?

Lit:  Heinlein.  The Illiad, Aeneid, etcetera.  What else?

Basic Programming:  *Is there* a language anybody can pick up and use for trivial programs the way folks used to use regular BASIC or Pascal, without a forty-hour learning curve?

Hurting People, Retail:  Obviously I need savate references, and I still have my copy of Dempsey floating around if I can find it.  Who am I missing that I really need to read?

There’s not a blushing, shy person reading this blog.  Not one.  Unless you’re lurking.  And then you don’t count.  Come on, I *know* the rest of you have opinions…


And I am almost literally counting the hours until I’m wiping Bank of America’s dust off my feet.

Three years of no performance reviews… in retrospect, I know why I was here this long, but I’m pretty damned well itching to get into an environment in which people are treated like something other than inconvenient squeaking widgets.

On the plus side, although I won’t go into details, allow me to say that I am enjoying the satisfaction of watching all the birds come home to roost…

You’d think the Democrats would learn…

I’m right with Gateway Pundit on terrorism issues… not so much politically, since I’m a libertarian and he’s an anti-liberal.

 But if he’s quoted Rangel correctly, Democratic chances this fall are toast.

 Congress Daily reported today that the Democratic Party’s ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Rangel (D) of New York, all but guaranteed tax increases in the Democratic agenda if they take back the house in November. When approached about whether tax increases across the income spectrum would be considered, Rep. Rangel responded, “No question about it.”

EDIT:  Zathras has correctly taken me to task for overstating the “toast” bit.  No, they could still very well win… but it is also absolutely conceivable that enough hay could be made out of this to dramatically shore up the Republican base, since taxes are the one thing that both sides of the abusive “l”ibertarian/conservative marriage agree on in the Republican Party.

The Last Knit

Now, it’s not like Wired really needs the hat tip.

But, boy, if this doesn’t rapidly sum up a number of thread-obsessed people I know…

Open up blog?

It occurs to me that certain people here have lots to say, but rarely do b/c of the on/off topic problem.  Sciolist is group, although I haven’t had that sort of material in my head lately… if anybody would like to use the Eyeball Factory for random “bulletin-board” sort of posts, whether or not they actually make sense… let me know.

“Truth is a dangerous substance.”

And anybody who is stupid enough to still do business after what the Kremlin is currently pulling in the energy sector deserves to be treated like the chump he is and robbed all the way down to his underwear.

The long fall has begun

WordPress ate my post …. again…

Four months of no AC or heating!  Warm days and cool nights, with flowers everywhere and squirrels laughing at my cat, who can’t figure out what the deal is with falling acorns (but it sure is fun!).


Glenn Reynolds is “White and Nerdy”

First, you log in to the video.

Then you realize:  “Wow, Weird Al dressed up like Glenn!!”

(This post disappeared for some odd reason earlier.  The whole site was twitchy this morning with the new editor change.On the off chance WP is pulling this due to the YouTube link, please drop a note in the comments so that I’m advised.  )

Turkey orders to Black Sea S2006

Moscow’s afraid of a resurgent Turkey.

And well they should be.  Unlike the assholes running the Kremlin, Turkey actually has a functional economy and government supporting its goals…

The moment we finalize all these projects, the total look of the area will be radically changed. — Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan

You’re darned tooting it will.  And it could hardly be worse than having the area dominated by “Zaire with permafrost.”


By the way, I have been meaning to wish you good luck in your endeavors.


Yeah, buddy, I’m sure I can find a red swingline stapler somewhere…

In my endeavors.

Yeah, because to paraphrase a friend of mine:

Yuppies don’t have friends; yuppies have contacts.

Black and White vs Grey meets the Federal Funds Rate

Some discussion lately about whether questions are “shades of grey,” like a typical divorce, or whether they’re “black and white” like the recent Oregon-OU “bad call.”

IMHO, all questions are black-and-white.  It’s just a matter of how many details you are able to perceive.


 So, the ten-year rate is 4.60%, and the Funds rate ramains stable now at 5.25%.

We have a 65-point inverted yield curve, and nobody’s saying a damn thing about it.

Is it lagging details about how the Fed has calculated interest vis-a-vis energy prices?

Is the market trying to tell us something about the overheated housing market’s expected “landing?”

Or is it something else?

It’s “shades of grey” to me:  I can’t make out the fine details.  Can you? 

If you can, I am all ears.

Pergamentor Sum!

I have produced parchment.

It’s rough parchment, but it meets all of the criteria, and hopefully round two is better in quality for less effort.

Samples go to my initial customer tomorrow…

And on a lighter note…

I’m going to go give a history exam to a bunch of college kids.


So far, teaching’s great.  You have no boss!  It’s all up to you!  Of course, that means you have to do your own scut-work, which is like being your own administrative assistant… so this year I work an evening a week, plus an evening’s worth per week on preps and grading, but once your course preps are actually finished and reviewed, this has got to be one of the easiest job in the world.

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