Hamas once again threatens to cut its own throat

I don’t want to get ahead of the news cycle, especially as Israel is not confirming it, but if Hamas is truly launching chemical weapons into Israel… they’re toast.

 Israel’s hands are already almost-completely untied now, and there’s no indication I’m aware that the Egyptian forces massed on the border are equipped for an eastward push.

The Palestinian government (as such) using WMD on Israel will completely free their hands.  The usual leftists will bleat in the EU countries (remember when the EU countries loved Israel?  Oh, yeah, that was back when Israel was mostly socialist…), but nobody is going to do more than spout some hypocrisy on stage and then step back while everybody else golf-claps at the ass-kicking.

T3h tricorder is t3h r34l!

Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing out some of that.  It’s like when my buddies hear me say “bling…”  you can ring the cognitive dissonance like a bell.

Anyway, Spacemart has a really cool feature on a new kind of radar with all kinds of ridiculous scanning potential.  Hooked up to a kick-ass image and reference database, it’s the grounds for an honest-to-god tricorder ala Star Trek…

Caption Contest!


Sean Hannity and John Murtha fight for world domination.

Republicans’ secret weapon for 2006: John Murtha

Cue Rovian mind-control lasers.

Now, I don’t normally link the WSJ… the paper is known liberal, the commentariat known conservative.  What’s more, it’s not like they’re laboring in seclusion.

But John Fund hits it out of the park pointing out the many ways in which Republican and “moderate” voters can be irritated as heck with the Elephants… but take one look at Cindy Sheehan’s Ken Doll, and shudder.

As much as they’ve made a complete hash out of getting any support at all from their own base, The Elephants couldn’t dream up a better way to stay in power during the 2006 elections.

Roboroach, the Infiltrator

Some Englishman has too much time on his hands.  It's a good idea, but if my wife's afraid to stomp on a single bug, there's no way she's going to do well dealing with the Pied Piper of Roachlin

That’s a lot of starlings.

"My branch!" redefined.

Prey item calls experts, salutes predator

So, let me get this straight:

  1. Woman has garden.
  2. Giant cat capable of bounding directly onto rooftops goes into garden.
  3. Woman wants giant cat to "live free in its own habitat."

There's only one cure for a nimrod like this.  Guess what, lady?  Your yard is now this giant cat's habitat!  Got kids?  Grandkids?  Pets?  Guess what, lady? 

Large predators don't give a shit what you think, and even less of one for your cutesy, prey-item view of a world where nothing ever gets hurt worse than can be handled with a band-aid and some Bactine.  THEY THINK it'd be nice to lazily scrape the flesh off your femur with their sandpaper tongues.

This giant cat isn't going to break into a rousing rendition of Hakuna Matata with your kid:  it's going to jump on that little kid and snap her neck like a twig.  Or else, if your granddaughter's lucky, she's going to get to struggle feebly while Kitty Boo clamps down on her windpipe prior to carrying her away to some dark corner to be Kid Julienne.

Sometimes I think "bring on the Apocalypse.  At least it'll clear out the morons."

Taliban getting its ass kicked

Apparently our local strategy is working.  Waziristani nutbags are coming to Afghanistan in order to pick up their 72 virgins or what-have-you.  Check this information from Security Watchtower.  One-sided doesn't begin…

Date Location Taliban casualties Coalition casualties
06-24-06 Panjwayi district of Kandahar province 45 killed 2 coalition soldiers KIA
06-24-06 Village of Mirabad in Uruzgan province 40 killed 0 coalition soldiers
06-24-06 Village of Bayanzi in Kandahar province 25 killed 0 coalition soldiers
06-14-06 Ziruk district of Paktika province 26 killed 1 Afghan police wounded
06-14-06 Helmand Province 12 killed 1 U.S. Soldier KIA
06-11-06 Siachave village in Uruzgan province 15 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-11-06 Saidan village in Kandahar province 12 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-11-06 Sangin district of Helmand province 10 killed 1 British soldier KIA & 2 wounded
06-11-06 Nowzad village in Helmand province 21 killed 0 British soldiers
06-10-06 Arghandab district of Zabul province 30 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-09-06 Tarin Kowt in Helmand province 13 killed 0 Afghan Army
06-07-06 Uruzgan province 13 killed 2 U.S. soldiers wounded
06-07-06 Helmand province 5 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-02-06 Chori village in Uruzgan province 20 killed 0 U.S. or Afghan soldiers
06-02-06 Miana Shien in Kandahar province 12 killed 4 Afghan police wounded
05-29-06 Kajaki district 50 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
05-26-06 Qal'a Sak village in Helmand province 5 killed 0 U.S. soldiers
05-24-06 Tarin Kowt in Helmand province 24-60 killed 4 Afghan army soldiers & 1 Afghan police officer KIA
05-22-06 Azizi village in Kandahar province 50-60 killed 0 U.S. soldiers
05-18-06 Musa Qala district of Helmand province 40 killed 13 Afghan police officers KIA
05-18-06 Panjwai district of Kandahar province 18 killed 1 Canadian soldier KIA
05-15-06 Panjwai district of Kandahar province 11 killed 5 Afghan police officers KIA
04-24-06 Miana Shein in Kandahar province 5 killed 1 Afghan soldier KIA
04-18-06 Dukah village in Kandahar province 8 captured 0 Coalition soldiers
04-15-06 Qalat district of Zabul province 14 killed 0 Afghan police officers
04-14-06 Sartak village in Kandahar province 41 killed 6 Afghan police officers KIA
04-05-06 Sangin district of Helmand province 12 captured 0 Coalition soldiers

There's additional information in the post.  It's apparent that we need to gradually continue to strengthen the Afghan troops' capabilities.  They're doing well, but not as well as everybody'd like (unless, of course, you're a Waziristani nutbag).

The greater significance of this, that you're not going to hear on NPR or CNN, is that every single one of these guys who gets wiped out is one less guy who might be helping to make Pakistan proper even less stable than it is, and one less guy to strangle his daughter to death for an honor crime or go on a murder vacation in Kashmir, throwing vitriol in women's faces and generally butchering anybody who isn't just like them.

So next time you hear one of those news programs refer to "ongoing violence in Uruzgan province," that's not quagmire talking, that's our side whipping the crap out of the enemy.

The “Is Denny Hastert an Idiot?” Caption Contest!

And if not, what could possibly compel him to allow his lawyer to threaten the Sunlight Foundation with libel over a real-estate suit, thus guaranteeing that the blogosphere will break out the popcorn and follow everything his counsel does with a magnifying glass?

To begin with, Hastert's counsel has a ridiculously weak argument.

But beyond that, allowing anybody to send out something containing this passage

When it comes to the reputation of Speaker Hastert, there are no idle threats. Instead, there is corrective action – either voluntary or compelled.  

 … when any moron could predict that it was going to go public, is just beyond comprehension:  unless Hastert is an idiot who has lost all touch with how politics works.  On the one hand, yes, folks inside the Beltway tend to lose their perspective on how the rest of the country operates… but on the other, one would expect a keener response from somebody in his position.

We're discovering that this "culture of corruption" cuts through both parties in Congress.  This is one of the areas in which the blogosphere has much to crow about… Congresscritters who regard their safety in terms of legal action ignore the very real threat that public mockery and scorn present to their careers.

To start with, I'm going to start paraphrasing that stupid quote at every possible instance, just because it's so damned hilarious.  It's almost as bad as "nuclear power is our obvious right" over in Tehran…

  1. When it comes to the reputation of William Jefferson, there are no idle bribes, Instead, there are freezerfulls of cash — either recovered or unrecovered."
  2. When it comes to the reputation of Daily Kos, there are no electoral victories.  Instead, there is collective fundraising — either soft or hard cash."

I'm seriously thinking of offering a $20 gift certificate to the winner, except I can't think of a nationwide restaurant chain known for its pork dishes…

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Taser hit in action

Chris Krok, a nighttime radio personality, voluntarily takes a taser hit  (google video) in order to describe its effectiveness.

Hat Tip: Neal's Nuze

Thorium reactors coming?

I was playing a game a while ago, and my buddy asked "is Thorium real?"

You betcha, bay-bee.  FuturePundit says it's coming soon, too, to a reactor near you.  I'm going to see if I can con my Dad into commenting here, since he's a real-live nuclear engineer, and my degrees are all in the squishy liberal arts, but as I understand it, the increased safety bar puts this sufficiently far into "Good Thing" territory that we might be able to use them on a widespread basis as a counterweight to the "energy powers" using oil to prop up their various tyrannies.

Tancredo and his tinfoil hat brigade

You know, it's one thing to object to illegal aliens' financial burden on the nation's hospitals (locally, Parkland Hospital is said on the news to be planning to bill Mexico directly, mwahaha), and it's another to remark on how unfair giving these folks special treatment is, compared to the degrading way we treat potential legal emigrants.

 But apparently, some guy Corsi thinks that George Bush is secretly creating the North American UnionYes, the link goes to WorldNetDaily.  I'm not proud of it, but it was a heck of a lot better than some of the places this story was linked up to.  There's not enough hydrogen peroxide to scrub my brain clean from some of these sites…)

To which I say heartily, "yawn."

 For starters, let's look at the facts:

  1. It can't be secret if it's powerful enough to affect anything.
  2. We'd get cane sugar for once in our soft drinks, rather than this corn-syrup crap.
  3. Look at all your scifi: none of us get flying cars until the NAU or its equivalent is in play.

So, since we all want our flying cars, let's egg him on…

UPDATE:  Apparently is has something to do with this, which is, point to say, seriously old news.  But it's got a cool map, and even lists the City of Denton on it.  So, you know, it's gotta involve space aliens and fluoride in the water…

Video Clips for the Salle

Partial Contact, Full Contact, and Old-School.

US to Islamic Courts: “Decision time.”

Over on Rantburg, a nice post and discussion.  Apparently we've made our official extradition request for a couple of WoT asshats.

Which the IC can choose to honor, or can choose not to honor, and instead face the repercussions.  Since the Islamic Courts is not a homogenous group, it will get interesting when one group among them is seen as bringing them trouble for failing to hand over outsiders.

Outsiders get short shrift in Somalia.  Going to get (more) interesting.

Where has all the Firepower gone?

A link on StrategyPage worth sharing widely… we're not in your Granddad's war.

For starters, my Granddad, at least, much as I love him, would have been thoroughly outclassed.  Recent changes are seriously putting the hurt on conscripts and amateur hour, and beginning to flip the pendulum back to training, and against mass as a primary determinant.

For instance, much as we wiped the walls with the Somalis in the Battle of Mogadishu… imagine that one going off nowadays.

Which, unfortunately, means that asymmetrics is going to be the way of the future for those poor misunderstood members of the Rebel Alliance…

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