Why I’m staying home if Obama gets the nod

It’s not that I agree with him.  Far from.

But it has an awful lot to do with him being willing to play ball with the Republican Party’s spending and accountability gadfly from over the river, Mr. Coburn.

Unlike most Republicans, who are like 900-phone-sex lines every election year (psst: ‘hey, Boehner, there’s an election on, pretend you care about fiscal restraint!’), Coburn is the real deal.  Pity I’m stuck with either Pete Sessions, or even worse, Martin Frost, both of whom have apparently never met any pork they didn’t like.

But anyway, transparency and accountability are the first step in making sure that these folks know that we’re their bosses even in theory, so when Obama and Coburn come out to track pork directly… I can live with a campaign like that.  And compared to “I think creationism should be taught in public schools” Huckabee, “I don’t have an authentic bone in my body” Romney, “I beat crime in NY by changing the reporting rules the cops were using” Giuliani, let alone “politicians have First Amendment rights but nobody else does” McCain (who, like Clinton, I will vote against if I have to crawl naked over broken glass to do so)… I’m kinda okay with Obama as a guy who disagrees on me with what we should spend, but with whom I agree on pork.

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  1. Oh yeah, Coburn is great. Yet another reason to be proud of my home state. But Obama…. just can’t go there. To be fair though there’s not a one of them that has a chance of winning that I can stomach. It’s enough to make me want to return to the politically castrated world of the expatriate

  2. Actually, I’d vote for him simply because he’s a qualified black man. Our granddad’s generation gave us MLK II, Rosa Parks, &c., but since then all the baby boomers have been able to come up with are dishonest, divisive sons of bitches like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Putting a qualified black guy in office who also happens not to be an @sshole would be a great way to douse the flames of our cancerous race-relations that the boomers’ bigots have been fanning. An actual demonstration that American whites are perfectly happy to support black folks who don’t act like ignorant crackers would do a lot of good for our country.

    And besides, like there’s anyone but Paul running who’d actually restore the federal government to what it’s supposed to be….

  3. Yes. Since I actually have a memory, non-Paul Republicans’ claims to fiscal responsibility, support for limited government, etcetera, are the equivalent of Senator Clinton running on Bill Clinton’s record (including NAFTA, passed over the heads of his own party), while simultaneously arguing that she’s against free trade.

    In other words, it’s nonsense. McCain-Feingold, the drug entitlement, the steel and sugar tariffs, the complete failure of any non-fringe Republican to even give lip-service to getting rid of pork…a semi-principled liberal plus a few years of gridlock look awfully good by comparison.

  4. Zathras

     /  December 14, 2007

    There’s a great article here by Andrew Sullivan which talks about how and why the image Obama would project could be important internationally.


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