Vat Meat

Another way that Vat Meat will change our lives is the death of the leather industry as we know it.  Leather is currently a throw-away product of beef production:  hide producers are paid a pittance per hide, b/c it’s ubiquitous.

That changes dramatically once ranching becomes rare, and you’re either doing without leather, or else growing animals specifically for their skins.  Game-hides will go from “pick them up by the score from your local processor” to the most valuable asset the processor produces.

And that old leather coat’s going to start being worth BUXX.

Unless they actually decide to start vat-growing leather.  But why bother, when naugas are so cheap, and eat so little?

I can answer that in a heartbeat

Why were parents so awesome before they became parents?

Well, in my specific example, with a new kiddo, I’d have to call 2009 “the year of not sleeping.”  I’ve been a zombie for 8 months now, achieving nothing of any meaning or import whatsoever except making sure that Squirmy Wigglebutt doesn’t suffer malnutrition or fall on her head.

Next semester, I teach afternoons/evenings.  I’ll miss “evening come-home,” but Mr. Night Shift will actually start getting 35-40 hours of sleep per week.  I can’t WAIT.

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