The Bacon Heresy

And, lo, did the high priest look upon John Scalzi with scorn… for the eaters of bacon are a heresy, unto good sausageness!

So, allow me to get the record straight.

Sausage kicks bacon’s ass.

Did John Scalzi tape sausage to a cat?  Hells, no!  Not even the most depraved could contemplate such an utter waste of sausage.  You can play with bacon, because… it’s bacon.  Still good, but kind of second-rate, sort of like that position player you’re always encouraging, but never actually giving the ball.

So… bring it, baconoids!

India reaches for the Moon

Political vandalism

… so why am I not surprised to find out it’s in PG County, MD?  PG County may be where my family’s from… but we’ve said for years that we’re not moving back.  The place has definitely achieved “shithole” status in the past twenty years, with crime stratospheric and cops approaching Dallas-Cop levels of honesty and fairness.

Don’t get me wrong: there are some nice people living there.  But when I saw this was PG County, all I could think of was “sheesh, that place needs a FARK tag.”

Jefferson Quote at Random

That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.

Not seeing an awful lot of that sort of thing in our political discourse lately… only gobs of statists preaching control, control, control.

An antidote to Emo

Seriously.  I know some folks are in hard times… but I swear the entire Emo crew needs, and I mean DESPERATELY needs, an injection of Bop Gun.  And not the Ice Cube version, either (though he’s good), but the totally, shamelessly out-there happy original.

Or… yeah, how ’bout going all-out, straight back to Parliament.

Serve ’em right, those emo bastards.  If they’re not smiling after that, check for a pulse.

Rudy: ??? – 2008

Another thing a student taught me

While the colonies were going through hard times they finally got exhausted from the second world war and the colonies started to fight the British back.

Wow!  I didn’t know that!  🙂

Berg vs Obama: the Ultimate October Surprise?

Hrm… what if the front-runner for President turned out not to be a citizen?

Apoplexy awaits, coming tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

10 servings of vegetables

may get you enough pectin to bind and neutralize cancer.

This is important, folks:  if this turns out to be true, we could begin to use pectin as a carb-additive for processed foods.  I actually like veggies, but still don’t get 10 servings a day, damn, that’s a lot of veggies…. the, well, let’s call a spade a spade, poor and ignorant who don’t learn about their diets are busy filling their kids full of foods that aren’t good for them.  Pectin-laced chips and such might help those kids do a lot better.

We’re having a …. zombie?

Actually, we’re having a minor Downs scare. Hopefully all will be well — we’ll have lab results Friday.

Mean time, why are we having a zombie? Well, take a look:

Oh.  It gets even more Halloweenish when they move out of field…

Yeah, *I* know she’s yawning, because I’ve seen the video (and yes, definitely a she).  But… dayum.  I’m not phased at all by poop and muck and mess, but… babies are REALLY GROSS without their babyfat.


Olive oil.. appetite suppressent?

It’s being talked about over on Next Big Future

I’m starting to get fat again.  For a while I was actually getting back to the 170-ish where I’d like to be.  (We should try to get back to our high-school weights for health, b/c fat cells tend to release chemicals leading to inflammation, likely one of the reasons that mild amounts of aspirin REALLY help men’s health).  The Shangri-La diet using carefully timed doses of eloo (extra-light olive oil) was fantastically helpful in getting my appetite and desire to snack under control.

In fact, if I went back onto it, I can almost guarantee we’d be back to throwing out leftovers.  Probably better than packing it on… and they’re right.  When I did this, it made restaurant meals look ridiculously overlarge, and I was pretty infamous, no matter where I lived, for really packing in just stupid amounts of food.

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