Olive oil.. appetite suppressent?

It’s being talked about over on Next Big Future

I’m starting to get fat again.  For a while I was actually getting back to the 170-ish where I’d like to be.  (We should try to get back to our high-school weights for health, b/c fat cells tend to release chemicals leading to inflammation, likely one of the reasons that mild amounts of aspirin REALLY help men’s health).  The Shangri-La diet using carefully timed doses of eloo (extra-light olive oil) was fantastically helpful in getting my appetite and desire to snack under control.

In fact, if I went back onto it, I can almost guarantee we’d be back to throwing out leftovers.  Probably better than packing it on… and they’re right.  When I did this, it made restaurant meals look ridiculously overlarge, and I was pretty infamous, no matter where I lived, for really packing in just stupid amounts of food.

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  1. honestly, it really does work while not depriving you of the calories you need. I used it to slowly lose 40 pounds over about a year and a half (in combo with exercise) and now I use a slightly altered dose to maintain my current weight. It’s a really good, non-harmful appetite regulator (can’t say suppressant cause you do get hungry, you’re just more easily satisfied).

  2. hmm.. I guess you could say suppressant – it’s all semantics anyway. it does what it does well in either case 🙂

  3. convivialdingo

     /  October 8, 2008

    I cook nearly everything in Olive oil… love the stuff. Not so sure it’ll keep you thin… but it’s IMHO healthier.

    Keep it in the fridge so that it doesn’t start to smell funny.

  4. celogo

     /  October 8, 2008

    Is that the secret? Olive oil? Gawd, if I could lose 40 lbs over the next year, I’d be incredibly happy. (Smacks hand holding yet another Dr. Pepper)

  5. Anna

     /  October 8, 2008

    I did it before the pregnancy, and it was fantastic, Celogo. One spoonful in the morning 1 hour after breakfast and 1 hour before I ate again. Otherwise, no changes to my diet. I didn’t need to lose that much, but with the exercise and this, I lost all the fat from the problem areas wmoen tend to get it.

  6. Yes, and it MUST be completely dissociated from your food intake for it to work. So just using it to cook won’t work… using it as a meal (a damned small one) does seem to.

  7. Not only that, but it can’t be Bertolli Extra Virgin, it’s gotta be the disgusting Extra Light stuff, with an hour on either side of consumption. An hour afterwards comes very naturally, but an hour before is harder shake & bake. I’m considering trying it again, but I overdid it at first and gave myself a nasty gag reflex….

    You know all this from the book, clearly, but don’t try the sugar option: it makes colds take root in the throat more easily.


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