Interview: Home Run!

That’s how it was described to me by my head of department, anyhow.  So I’m now a semi-finalist.  As I understand it, the odds have gone from 15-3 (of which I’m only eligible for 2), to 5-3(2).  Which means I need to interview well enough to edge out three other applicants (since the remaining third will go into a position for which I’m not applying, the FT-temp slot).

So, I’m not hired yet, but it’s looking pretty good so far.  Head of Department says to just keep doing what I’m doing, so that’s what I’m going to do.  Yay inertia?

Short-short State of the Russ Address

In response to queries:  am whacked out from long drive, but awake.  (Woke up in Durham, drove to Dallas)

I have a job interview for a full-time position on Thursday.  Picked the latest possible spot, because I have an unusual teaching method, and am hoping for an “overshadow” effect.  15 applicants for 3 gigs.  I am eligible for 2 of those slots.  Those are very good odds for an academic applicant pool.  Tomorrow I’m going to prep the  “teaching sample” and abuse the Bunny as a guinea-pig.

Delivered a lecture yesterday in Little Rock, same one as at Kalamazoo.  It’s definitely getting a reaction.  There’s a possibility I’ll be asked to deliver it again later this summer by a historical fencing group.

Accidentally ticked off the bro an’ sis with an answering machine message poking fun at them for the Cali heatwave.  Normally, I “bwahaha” as an indciation of “Verbal smiley.”  Sorry, guys.

Grandma is as well as can be expected considering the significant personal suffering she’s undergoing.  Having been in high-level ongoing pain, I can relate.

Angela is cute and has lots of spark and energy.  I have never seen so much sustained cute out of my younger brother in one shot.  Can’t wait for the wedding.

Administrivia for the next semester continues — summerterm.  I have about a week’s vacation now to spend with the Bunny, and am then back into the grind.

I’m sure there’s something else, but until I get a second coffee, I can’t remember it.  Oh, yeah, Scarborough Faire, and hopefully working on the novel, plus a quiver and ~buffcoat, are May/June projects.

My Wife is Level 70???

This is what happens when you take marriage counseling too far. On the other hand, my wife has, to this day, only killed me twice. No, three times. No….

(update: link should be fixed now)

On the Road Again…

Hi folks.

Kalamazoo was a success: the presentation survived, and will be published later once it’s polished up and slightly westernized.

Now I’m off to my grandma’s to help her pack some stuff and generally be useful.  Blogging will continue to be very light until my return in a little over a week.

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