CNN regains its old 90s title

Remember when CNN didn’t stand for hopelessly incompetent lies told straightfaced to the camera by Kristian Amanpour, but rather “Corruption, Nausea, and Nonsense?”

Michelle Malkin (yes, I know, but she’s on it, so…) has got a more advanced description of last night’s shenanigans than is floating around elsewhere.

Sticking a campaign activist into the debate is only a taste of what happens with CNN when a Clinton’s available.  Scandal after tasteless, tacky, tawdry, puerile scandal.And, besides the fact that she’s so class-less as to abuse her Secret Service detail, this is why I, who am pretty much going to stay home on next election night, will instead crawl naked over broken glass in order to vote against another eight years of Clinton-managed scandal-of-the-week.

Russia perfects Democracy

Pakistani-style democracy, that is…

Academic Dishonesty

I have only one thing to say:  until the Administrators get the balls to back teachers up for flunking students who cheat, we’re teaching students that our standards are hypocritical blah-blah bullshit, and that the rules are a game meant to be played, rather than observed.

Proto-power armor

Nuff said.

Quick Mini-Review: The Mist

The Mist,  if you watch the sort of movies I do, is a must see, if you can stomach two very specific facts:

  1. It’s a horror movie that pulls no punches whatsoever.
  2. The director respects his audience sufficiently to gut-punch them repeatedly throughout the film.

GOOD FLICK.  But not an easy flick.  I can think of several people off the top of my head who need to *not* see it.  But if you can handle a horror movie that takes off the kid gloves early, and gets really rough with its audience, this is definitely worth your time.

And as a side note, spoilers count in this one, so I’m not saying anything.

Freaks put their money where their mouths are

I respect these people.  They’re batshit crazy adherents of a bizarre new world religion, but you know how people who are worried about overpopulation never seem to solve the problem by offing themselves or sterilizing…oh, wait.

(Now, be careful.  There’s a heaping dose of “issues” with the gal being interviewed, as is usual with these people.  Put on your filters before you click.)

Aptera taking deposits!!

Dude, a couple years ago, we were wondering whether these guys were hallucinating, with their promise of a 300mpg car.

They seem to be for real.  You don’t take deposit money unless you’re serious — not with this kind of awareness going on.  The lawyers would eviscerate you otherwise.

Let’s hope.  Because I work across several county lines, a vehicle that only got 200mpg would start paying back huge dividends as a commuter car: especially one designed to handle a carseat.

Gag off on Peak Oil

FuturePundit’s up with the latest:  apparently, scientists’ opinions now actually count, as opposed to, say, earlier CEO speculations.

Doesn’t break a lot of ground, obviously, since it’s a “4th estate once again vaguely catching up” article, but the discussion’s good.


“Do you have any kids?”

It’s finally happened.  I was warned that it would, and it finally did.  You know that feeling you get when you realize you’re getting checked out?  By a group?  Yeah.  Four students, talking amongst themselves during group-work, but very clearly not focused on the relation of Gage’s famous Sojourner Truth transcription to Emerson’s definition of non-conformity.

Students aren’t supposed to check out their teachers.  At least, not that blatantly.  As a group.  Students are supposed to put up with their instructors, talk to them as appropriate, and then run like hell to get away from the classroom and back to real life.  Anything else is unusual behavior.  No, seriously, think about it.  Why do students interact with teachers?  Pretty much because they have to — the number of students in any given class who actually want to be there is always a tiny minority of the people who are there because the school or state said that they needed to be in order to graduate. 

It’s weird, and it’s bad-weird, because, as any other flirt on the planet will tell you, the initial realization that you’re getting checked-out, assuming you’re not simply being “creepily leered at,” is a pleasant one.  It’s the whipsaw following realization that “whoa, WAYYYY out of bounds here!” that gets real disturbing, real fast.  Especially in this day and age, where guys don’t dare so much as smile at somebody funny, let alone make physical contact with any student, in any way, period.  Every allegation is not only taken seriously, but men are essentially considered guilty-unless-proven-innocent if accused of anything even vaguely smacking of harassment, and there are plenty of students who will attempt to game their teachers by threatening various complaints.  Gals don’t have that problem, though they do have others.

I think I need to regrow my beard.  This never happened when I had the beard.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

A must-read on China

Everybody knows that China’s economy, just like Russia’s is badly overstated.  But by… FORTY PERCENT??

It’s actually possible that this sort of news will help the reformers:  after all, WoC very rightly points out that a lot of what’s holding China back isn’t technological (they’re smart and they learn fast), but a culture that consistently seems to under-rate what our businesspeople call “best practices.”  And you can’t get any of that without encouraging transparency, etc.

Hat tip:  Winds of Change

Dowd points out the obvious

Not that Obama can occasionally score one on Clinton.  But that the Bushes seem to be squarely in favor of the “dynastic option.”

No surprise.  One of the odd things about the last sixteen years is just how chummy the Bushes and Clintons all are…

William Kristol slaps the Boomers

Which is odd, because, last I checked, Kristol ain’t exactly Gen-X…

Anyway, here’s the post, which, predictably enough, involves Tom Brokaw looking stupid.

Friday Eyeball: Computing with Style

Or, maybe even, in style.  For example, the Steampunk Keyboard.  I’m not much on the era itself, but you have to admit, the eye for design is really, really nice.  Why not actually have something that looks nice, as well as delivering bloggy goodness?

Wow. Bhutto’s Niece pulls away the curtain.

Just in case y’all didn’t believe me in my earlier post on the “Bhutto Bandwagon,” here’s her niece in the LA Times, warning of the same phenomenon.  A quick sample from Paragraph Two:

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this circus has been the hijacking of the democratic cause by my aunt, the twice-disgraced former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. While she was hashing out a deal to share power with Gen. Pervez Musharraf last month, she repeatedly insisted that without her, democracy in Pakistan would be a lost cause.

And then it gets into the seamy details.  Of course, CNN will, as usual, laud her as South Asia’s Savior… but remember, CNN doesn’t know its ass from a hole in the ground.  (The gal who cut a deal with Musharraf is now cited as an “opposition leader.”  Yeah, right.  “Opposition leaders” don’t float around as part of an international jet-set funded by most of a billion dollars stolen from the state they used to run, into the ground, that is.)

The Mist: It won’t get f****d up?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like they’re actually not going to hose this story up.

Visiting Artilleryman, take note…

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