Asshole Taiwanese company works Chinese factory workers like slaves: 80 hours of *overtime*

Be glad you don’t live in a shithole like China, where it’s apparently completely acceptable (albeit technically illegal) to cram people into factories and work them 17+ hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yeah, that’s what 80 hours of overtime means.  It took a “rash of suicides” for anybody to get some sunshine onto this and for anybody to care.  How many is a “rash,” one wonders?

Don’t think making people stand out in the sun and repeat slogans is going to help, assholes.  How about giving them enough time off to sleep seven hours a day AND wash their faces?

Committees of Correspondance: How the Tea Party Wins

“That’s how I got started in politics.  I got a marketable commodity– one vote….before long I had sixty men back of me and formed the George Washington Plunkitt Association.  What did the district leader say when I called at headquarters?  I didn’t have to call headquarters.” — Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

If Armey and Kibbe thinks the job of the Tea Party is to take over the Republican Party — a laudable idea, given that describing the party as sclerotic would be charitable — and the Tea Party at large agrees, the smartest thing they could do is to take Plunkitt’s advice to heart.  Form a Committee of Correspondance (equally, you could call it a Vigilance Committee) in each and every district, and say “Here’s our Contract From America.  We’ve got X votes that will knock you right out of the primary unless you agree to it and keep your word regarding it.  Violate it, and you’re gone.”

That X will vary, district-by-district.  In heavily blue states, it may require strategic primary voting in order to support whoever’s closest — the Dems have done this for years.  That’s a local strategic decision that’s none of my business — after all, what concerns me is MY congresscritter and his incessant runaway spending.

Macchiavelli and his “miserable and rare examples” works for the taxpayers, too.  Want to see an honest politician?  When yours pulls something cute, “cry Havoc and let slip the sword of Damocles.”  Do it for ten years straight.  The rest of them will get the message.

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