Bam-Bam lives.

“Little Pebbles is his number one fan,

Tear your arm off if he shakes-a your hand!”

Public Personae

I have been reminded that I am now a “public figure” and therefore am obliged to self-censorship if I want to keep my job.

Thus, the critical post below has been deleted, and no further posts discussing or describing work will appear on this blog: comments to same will be deleted instantly.

There’s Hope

I successfully graded a test during the office hours directly following said test.

This is a good sign, in a semester that has been dramatically more difficult than expected.

Work during office hours?

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I get *diddly* done during office hours at the adjunct centers… too many interruptions and distractions…

“Get your shit organized.”

It’s bad news when you’re pestering your wife for which chores you’d like help with that day, and that’s what you hear.

So, thanks in part to the good thinking of the Lizard Queen, we have picked up some wicker furniture (easy to move and rearrange with tons of throws and pillows, good for hot weather), and moved the bookshelves and step-tonsu to a different location.  And, in that process, it even looks like my little corner office is going to become vaguely functional in the process.

Now, if only I can get my back to heal up from Hungary…

Paging Andy Blair

Your absence is alarming people.  Please make contact.

Open up blog?

It occurs to me that certain people here have lots to say, but rarely do b/c of the on/off topic problem.  Sciolist is group, although I haven’t had that sort of material in my head lately… if anybody would like to use the Eyeball Factory for random “bulletin-board” sort of posts, whether or not they actually make sense… let me know.


After six years in the joint, and three w/o a performance review, there was still a surprising amount of adrenaline in actually giving notice.

Something in the built-in servility of the job, I think…

Stardate log, sometime this month

If you know me, I may be sparse for a little bit.

Between foundation repair (hey, did I mention, we now have attic insulation falling through the gaping hole between the addition and the house?  And the floor is an excellent illustration of wave action?), plumbing repair (yes, it’s exploded again), electrical repair, window replacement, job interview, lesson planning, and the lawsuit airfare, we are entering new realms of budgetary tai chi.  Not gonna hit the road much this fall, as vacation will be completely wiped out by mid-September.

On the other hand, I may be just plain twitchy as a twitchy thing with twitch sauce.  I’ve already been out in the yard cutting logs with a sledgehammer, so who knows?


Technorati Blog Claim

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New header.  No, I don’t own Photoshop — this is an MS Paint Special(tm).  Heh.  I still like it.   You’ll notice that the sub-pages are gone… one, they’re not really needed any more, now that I’ve got the curtains hung, and two, I couldn’t figure a way to have them presented without big ugly color blocks.

This should be the final version for a while.

Yes. I am.

Because I liked three-column, but, I mean, come on, that title bar stunk.  Otoh, this one will let me upload my very own image.  Which will, may-be, feature a crow.  And an eyeball.

WordPress vs. Blogger: review after one week

Okay, so I've ported my blog to WordPress after nearly despairing at Blogger's chronic instability.

WordPress contra Blogger, what do I think?

What's good about Blogger?  Well, basically, the ability to put javascript buttons into your profile, and the ability to muck with your template file in order to fiddle with colors, etcetera.  For instance, I love this template in general, but I don't like the fuzzy artistic thing along the top. And I'd like to be able to insert a picture under the header.  I can do that in Blogger.  I can't even start that in WordPress unless I get my own server, learn how to run it, and then go through multiple hours of self-install WordPress from the ground up.

What's good about WordPress?  Aside from not being able to link my images right (for the Life, Liberty, Property community — I'm supposed to link with an image) and the javascript problem (which is a security thing), I'm very pleased with the Categories feature in general.  I like a 3-column template, but there are several in 2-column that are VERY nice, as well.  The Dashboard is also well done.

Can't stand how they handle links, though.  It's worthless unless I want a huge, disordered list or want to embed the links under categories on display, a process I didn't manage to figure out.  Fortunately, as you can see from my link farm, there's an easy workaround built right in.

One huge difference, however, is service.  I had two related technical goofs this week.  They were courteously fixed within 6 hours, with very fast answers to questions on the WP forums.

Try getting that out of Blogger.

So, so far, I'm happy with this.  It doesn't let me do everything I want (for that, I'd have had to bug the hell out of my buddy Joe the Troll, and I don't want to do that), but it lets me do most of it, and with a high degree of ease. 

Update: there was one complaint about color. It is theoretically possible for me to manually specify a text color for the posts that might be easier to read. However, it would be a manual adjust. So if I were going to try that, I'd need an artist type to suggest a color that would be easy on the eyes against this kind of background.

So, the immediate question…

Does this layout work?  Or should I port a facsimile of the older site, instead?

Speculist seriously needs to fix its comments.

Or else maybe leave an email address where he can be notified of problems.  What's the point of doing a kick-ass blog, with equally kick-ass posts, if all you can do is read it?  Very frustrating, and a continual problem.

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