Don’t look now, but something GOOD just happened in the Middle East

Happy Nowruz!!

Let’s celebrate it by taking a mental moment to thank the wiser and cooler heads among the Turks and Kurds who, at least for now, appear headed for peace.  We took Spengler to task a bit ago for failing to keep up on currents in the region, and the gradual rise of the Kurds is one of the most important things to happen in the region in decades, and perhaps the primary reason to have hoped that Bush’s invasion worked out.  As Nuwroz passes in the Middle East, and Easter comes upon the West, let’s hope that the renewal of hope indeed leads to the rebirth of real peace and prosperity for all the people, Kurds and Turks both, whose lives have been marred by over a generation of tragic and endemic violence.

The Turks have a partner for peace.  And maybe, just maybe, the Kurds have more friends than the mountains.

Lots of Kurds not getting tear-gassed in Turkey.

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