Dear Haters: Don’t Look Now, but You’re Infected with Stupid

Did you know that I’m tinged with misogyny, and think that rape is awesome?

Do you know what apparently defines me as pro-rape?

Well, two things: 

First, I think that it’s a good idea for women to overcome their general aversion to thinking about and learning about self-defense (now that we’re in an era where Sam Colt lets a woman be every bit as lethal as a man of the exact same height and weight, but 40% greater skeletal muscle and superior striking leverage.  Yes, aikido guys, I said “striking” leverage, not throwing — because throwing leverage doesn’t mean jack if you have a situational-awareness-fail and get cold-cocked from behind — the kind of men who are social predators frequently have both the muscle and the leverage to make that a one-shot proposition.) 

So because of my horrible, troglodytic position on women, I think it’s a good thing if an attempted rapist dies on the spot due to lead inhalation *before* the woman suffers psychological injury and has to worry about things like “triggers” (of the emotional, rather than 9mm, kind).  What’s more, I have strong feelings about that.

Second, I think that back in the day, when my girlfriend and I both got plastered and had sex, that my girlfriend *didn’t* get raped just because she ALSO had a tendency to wobble a bit and giggle too much.

Wow.  Pretty serious, huh?  Just call me Rapey McRaperson. 

(No, really; check out the comments to this post from last year.  Or, if you’re really feeling like you want to stare into the abyss, check out the reddit conversations this post spawned.  Who  knew I was such a victim-blamer?)

You know what apparently makes me a misogynist?

Thinking that it’s not a crime for a man to think that some women are more attractive than others, and to have a natural attraction to and respect for women who are fit and healthy, and a distinct aversion to thinking romantic and/or sexy thoughts about a woman who is visibly unhealthy and mostly made of grease.

This is an attractive and healthy woman.


This is not.

Yeah, I admit it.  God, I really went off into Otto Weininger territory, there, didn’t I?

No, actually, I didn’t.

What’s the common thread here?  Well, pretty simply, the radical feminists who originated with the Redstockings and now live on Jezebel and reddit who’ve come out of the woodwork to spout such things are man-haters.  These are people who literally hate men and think that men should be ashamed not to be women.  They even have a name for all of these evil, horrible men who aren’t ashamed not to be women:  The Patriarchy.

Those of you who’ve studied the 20th century and just had the cog click, that’s right — according to these people, men like me…. are class enemies.

I can debate with somebody who’s open to my ideas.  I can debate with somebody who doesn’t like my ideas, and wants to defeat them — an intellectual opponent.
I cannot debate with a person who defines me as an enemy.  And when you define a person as your class-enemy, you cannot debate with them, either.

I know a professor.  He’s a great guy.  I like him.  But he’s completely irrational where firearms are concerned:  his response to any tragedy involving firearms is to swing for the fences attacking the NRA and to accuse those guys of being pro-child-shooting and fundamentally interested in turning America into a Somalia-like wasteland.  Why would they want to do this?  Well, because they’re eeeeevil, obviously.  So far as he’s concerned, the NRA is a class-enemy, and anybody who doesn’t join him in NRA-hating, or who thinks that perhaps… MAYBE… that even a good liberal might benefit from having a single trusted, reliable person to provide armed security in a place where we send the most precious thing in our entire universe (aka, our kids, to school), is obviously an unreconstructed, ignorant evangelical hick (but, per this professor, I repeat myself).

And speaking of examples from the right, there’s Jack Chick, a guy who’s worth TWO images.  Chick has, for over fifty years, defined Christianity as “hating everybody who’s not in lock-step with Jack Chick.”  This guy is bigotry on tap with a smiling, wholesome demeanor.

Because you can’t reason with a Nazi.  Or a boy scout.  Or a Catholic Nazi Boy Scout.  Or, apparently not even a Wiccan Nazi Boy Scout.

Class-Enemy-making is everywhere. Not just on the left, not just on the right. It’s a highly-communicable psychological disease.  And those who have it are Infected with Stupid.  A special kind of stupid:  Online Stupid.  The kind of stupid that says “I’m going to regard you as a person who cannot possibly have anything valuable to say by defining you as a class-enemy and agent of evil.  Having done that, I will then debate with you in order to get you to change your corrupt and evil ways, because I’m so narcissistic that I somehow believe that after I’ve demonized you to get your attention….that you will give a single fuck what I think.”

Very, very stupid.

When you turn another human being into a class enemy, you become a kind of monster, and nobody but your fellow monsters want to be around you any more.

Let’s try something else on, for a try:

The world’s a better place when we presuppose that the person we disagree with has good intentions.  You can point out an injustice in a way which actually appeals to, rather than demonizes, your audience.  Even if they are assholes

The world has enough tragedy and injustice, without those of us who care about such things adding to the stink.  Spend some time learning diplomacy and how to communicate.  You’ll do better and feel better.

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