The French, taxation, and égalité.

Well, that lasted a long time.

At the end of the day, France is a country with serious problems.  Its financial position is ridiculously bad (all that crisis in Greece?  Whose banks do you think all those ECB proposals are meant to bail out?   I’ll give you a clue: they’re not Greek).

Hollande can aim for “soak the rich,” but that’s not fiscally sound — soak the rich always sounds good, but instead of affecting the truly rich (who don’t have their money in crass “income” — the inbred and xenophobic “good families” of France aren’t threatened one whit by Hollande & Co., and never will be).   What it does is attempt to shame high-achievers into paying through the nose until it’s no longer worthwhile.  c.f. Gerard Depardieu and Arcelor Mittal.  This of course, eventually hurts those on the bottom of France who have trouble getting jobs — because it’s a global world, and when you bully a company in today’s world, they’re quite likely to see “okay, BYE.”

So it’s not all that surprising that somebody stepped in and said “this violates égalité.”

Of course it does.  That’s why they did it.  “Soak the rich” and all its other, less toxic forms of progressive taxation, are by definition unequal.

Real equality has nothing to do with how much wealth you have.  Real equality hinges upon whether government is the tool you can use to beat up those you don’t like…or whether others can use that government as a tool to beat up you.

But you’ll notice that those who scream loudest for equality are always those whose strategy is predicated upon forcing the “other guy” to shut up and not dare to speak in public.  You show me somebody loudly in favor of “equality,” (let alone that phantasmagoric chimera, “social justice”) and I’ll show you a bully who can’t WAIT to exercise the whip-hand on those with whom he disagrees.

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