Signs of the Times


I’d like to preface this post with an acknowledgement that on a personal level, I’m quite lucky, as unlike a lot of people who are currently unemployed, I have part-time work for the fall available for the asking, from people who would be very happy to see me doing it.  That said, I’d say that employment agencies are probably best avoided at the moment unless it’s for specialist work, as they’re so overwhelmed that I actually received, get this…

A rejection letter from a temp agency.

Wanna see what one looks like?

Dear Happycrow [ed],

 Thank you for submitting your resume to High Profile.  Your work experience is very impressive!  Based on the current economic times and the difficult job market, the positions we are working on are requiring candidates with a unique and specific employment history.  Unfortunately, your background is not a match for the positions that we are trying to fill.  We will upload your information to our applicant tracking system in the event an opportunity arises that requires someone with your skills and experience. 

 Also, I would like to share a website with you which allows you to search for other staffing agencies and recruiting firms within the metroplex.  It is:  MAPC stands for the Metroplex Association of Personnel Consultants and is an organization that we, as well as many other reputable firms, belong to.  On the website, click on “Members”.  This lists each of the member firms’ contact information as well as what type of staffing they specialize in.  

 We appreciate you thinking of us and wish you the best of luck in your future career endeavors.


[deleted for propriety’s sake]

High Profile, Inc.

[contact info irrelevant and deleted]

 The information contained in this message is confidential proprietary property of High Profile, Inc.
Any reproduction, forwarding, or copying without the express permission of High Profile, Inc. is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by replying to the email.

And, yes, part of the reason I’m posting this IS the bullet-headed assertion that said company has the right to tell someone whether or not they can forward an email, to which they’re asserting ownership.  Guess what, baby:  this email is neither private nor priveleged.  I’ve worked for folks who reported to George Soros — I know what “private and priveleged” is, and this ain’t.  This is a low-down, shameless, dishonest, bareknuckled attempt to intimidate the lowly and the ignorant, which requires the public scorn of their legal department on the part of anyone possessing a shred of human dignity.

Other than the unethical and dishonest boilerplate attached to the message — I like these folks!  The people at the company were completely courteous, sincere, and professional.  Also, they were willing to tell me pretty much straight-up (over the phone) that their clients didn’t want anybody who’d been out of private sector emplyment in the past 24 months.  Period.  No moms returning to work, no anything which might be unusual.  That’s candor you don’t often find people willing to engage in, and deserves praise — nobody’s doing anybody a favor by sugar-coating reality. 

So, it’s not like this was a surprise — I already knew that this was a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” relationship, and had “round-filed” them before this arrived.  But on the other hand, I’ve never gotten a rejection letter from a temp agency before.  And that’s worth preserving with a chuckle before going on to grab a morning coffee.

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  1. Roger

     /  July 23, 2010

    Wow indeed! My “looking for a job??” phone call rate has dropped to zero over the past 6 months. With the ominous onslaught of taxes on the near horizon I don’t think any companies are looking very hard unless it’s desperate.

    By the way, I met a saddle-maker (friend of Brittany’s) a while back. You’d love his shop.

  2. I bet I would! Saddlery is an art in and of itself…

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