Custard Armor So Effective It Requires Nonsense-Test

Pop-Sci is all a-gaggle at a vest using shear fluids to support kevlar.


In the tests, BAE scientists used a gas gun to fire ball-bearing bullets at nearly 1,000 feet per second at two test materials — 31 layers of regular Kevlar and 10 layers of Kevlar combined with the shear-thickening liquid.

The shear-thickening liquid stopped the bullets more quickly and prevented them from penetrating as deeply, the BBC says. British media got a preview of the materials at a BAE facility in Bristol, England.

The part that should be making people scratch their heads is “ball-bearing bullets.”  Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over.  Spherical projectiles have terrible ballistics and awful penetration.  That’s why bullets, shotgun pellets aside, are ogival penetrators, not spherical ones.  So the million-dollar, or, Pound, question, as the case may be is, why is BAE having to resort to a test that will at best be realistic regarding certain types of notoriously sub-par 1950s communist ammunition?

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