Miss me yet?

Yes, Mr. Clinton, I miss you already.

The President just guaranteed that he’s a one-termer by publicly making it policy that we don’t nuke in responde to chemical, biological, or cyber attack.

Goddamn it.  This is worth ten seats in the House — maybe twenty.  Even Michael Steele can’t screw this up. 

Now we’re gonna see the Return of Republican Smugness… write off the party becoming anything respectable again.

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  1. drteine

     /  April 6, 2010

    I can’t tell exactly if you’re happy or sad about this.

    Still, I didn’t view the position statement as drastically as you did, but I do agree the Republicans will take this and use it to their benefit in the next elections, whether it’s justified or not.

    I do wonder to some extent how good Nukes are at deterrence any more. Unless you’re willing to keep making more fissile material (something the US has not done in a long time) your deterrence only has a limited shelf life anyway. Further, to some extent, unless you’re willing to create a huge amount of collateral damage, no one is going to use these things, especially with the EMP effect in our very interconnected computerized and electronic world.

    Of course, we’re not talking reason here so I’ll stop talking now.

  2. Sad. I’m pissed, b/c this one dinky thing is electoral gold for the Repubs, and they can run with it to the bank w/o having to fix a damned thing that’s wrong with them as a party.

  3. drteine

     /  April 7, 2010

    Got it. You’re probably quite right, they’ll stick to the same stupid positions rather than reform. But that being said I’d rather see both parties self destruct and we start to move to more independents but I know that this is simply wishful thinking.

  4. Party implosion is how new parties are formed.
    If the Republicans were smart, they’d have spent 2000-2008 winning, and the Dems would be a memory by now.

    But, alas… they sucked. And “but the Dems suck worse!” is hardly a heartening argument.

  5. blackpine

     /  April 10, 2010

    When Harry Truman said that we would only use nuclear weapons to defend Europe, the Korean War kicked off in less than 4 months. Any guesses on the fallout from this?

  6. No idea, actually. The “caveats” are addressed at the worst offenders… but if we get nailed with a chemweapon in the next couple years, it won’t be hard to guess why.

  7. Roger

     /  April 18, 2010

    I read the president’s statement as saying that we won’t respond __immediately__. We’re pushing out reaction times from 12 minutes to hours, basically.

    It’s just a precautionary measure – and it helps resolve treaty issues with central Europe and Russia. There’s not going to be a huge nuclear exchange anytime in the near future – and it’s safer and smarter in the end.


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