Celebrity Death Watch, August 09 edition

I don’t get the celebrity-worship part of this whole Ted Kennedy circus, myself.

If I’m lucky, maybe a dozen people are going to give a rat’s ass when I croak — so why are we all supposed to be manufacturing a bunch of emotion for some dude 99.44% of us have never met, and who’s known even amongst his political allies as much for his abuse of employees and drunken molestation of powerless women as he was for passing legislation?  The dude’s family got its money doing the 1930s equivalent of dealing crack.  The dude himself was infamous for being exactly the kind of heartless solipsistic rich bastard that every liberal in America claims to hate, and his personal life sounds like a recipe for How to Go To Hell.

And we’re supposed to care that this guy is gone?
::shrugs:: I just don’t get it.

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  1. Mike

     /  August 26, 2009

    While I agree TK was a world class jerk, my take is much simplier. “Camelot? Dude, that was King Arthur and the Round Table not some cheesy “You can’t know it since you weren’t there” 60’s thing” that gets thrown in my face everytime some dumb boomer wants to run his/her mouth about why they are superior to me. And TK wasn’t wasn’t even really part of that so that is a double “Why do I can again?”.

  2. Mike

     /  August 26, 2009

    Care I mean. Damn, I need to proof-read better went spouting.

  3. drteine

     /  August 26, 2009

    Two reasons.
    1) Our society, even after it overthrew a monarchy way long ago, has still has some odd reason for politician/leader/popular idol worship and the need for dynasties. Maybe not for the audience here, but the rest of the population is infected with the bug – lots of historical and current examples to choose from. So for some he was a god to honor, for others he was no one.
    2) For those who have benefited from some of the programs he helped legislate, they wish to pay their respects. Admittedly some of the poor he did help have no idea that he helped set some of those programs in motion, but quite a few did know about it and were grateful to whatever help they could get when below the poverty line (I’m speaking about the WIC program for example).

  4. Jerry Bell

     /  August 27, 2009

    It’s tribal for a lot of people. In my family, the Kennedys were regarded with a cold hate that astounded outsiders. In other families they were fondly remembered, like Bonny Prince Charlie for the Jacobites. As to why my kin hated them root and branch, I don’t know. I disliked the political stances they took and took satifaction when their fortunes declined (Caroline not getting the nod as Junior Appointed Senator from NY being a good example), but I didn’t do the happy dance when one of them died young. I’m a boomer, but they didn’t hold any glamour for me when I lived through ‘Camalot’. Shrug.

  5. I wasn’t around for Camelot, so I’d be a hypocrite to comment on the phenomenon. Looking at the family, Bobby seemed cool, JFK mostly made of politician, and Ted… well, the kind of guy who eats lobster on his boat while serving his crew catfood-grade tuna-fish sandwiches (true story). Ted seems very much to have been his father’s son.

    Which, given that Daddy was the 30s equivalent of a crack dealer, probably explains a lot.

    Politically, he did all sorts of stuff, much of it not even remotely textbook “liberal.” Deregulating the airlines, for instance, was one of his moves. But the flat-out hagiography going on about the man this week just makes me ill.

  6. drteine

     /  August 28, 2009

    There is one thing that strikes me about Ted despite all of his flaws. He was a man who buried two of his brothers killed by assassination. Two. Not one, but two. To know that someone hated someone you loved enough to kill them must have affected him on some level.
    Or not. Who knows. But I have to wonder how I might have acted if my siblings had been deliberately killed.

  7. I agree that this would have affected me. Whether one can posit it as formative? That I can’t see.

  8. Mike

     /  August 28, 2009

    I have to toss this one in: So if JFK was Auther in Camelot, and RFK was Lancelot, that would make Ted Sir Robin right?

  9. Mike

     /  August 28, 2009

    Although he appeared to be afraid to be killed in nasty ways…

  10. drteine

     /  August 28, 2009

    His kneecaps broken and his bowels unplugged…brave brave brave Sir Robin. He bravely turned his tail and fled!

  11. ….at least Sirhan Sirhan is dead…

    oops, wrong verse. 😀

    Yep, the irony is that all these “liberal” Kennedies kept getting bumped off by… hardcore leftists!

  12. Mike

     /  August 29, 2009

    Heh, that is an excellent point. A hysterically funny one too.


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