US places tripwire in Colombia

Good news all around.

Having US bases pulls the teeth out of the so-called “Bolivarian” rhetoric coming in from next door, and also kneecaps any idea that said caudillos can use narco groups to destabilize Colombia or go after Honduras again.

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  1. Mike

     /  August 17, 2009

    Definately a good move for all those who love freedom and are on the side of real democracy in action (although Columbia is a republic like the US in strictest terms). This is a nice slap in Ecuador’s face too (which is very nice considering the support to FARC they have given and the drug runners).

    I would love to see Venuzeula try Columbia. That would be so perfect a butt-kicking on Chavez. From what I have been hearing and reading, his new method of warfare (the “Bolivarian” method) has turned the armed forces into a Middle-Eastern Class military (and I am not talking Israel either). Loyalty is what will get you promoted, as well as adherance to the new style (which is complete ass from what I can understand of it, it sounds like something a Che Geuvera T shirt wearing San Fransico protester would think up with the help of WOW, a Boy Scout Handbook and a couple hits on a Jihadist website).

  2. I don’t know the fine details, but this Bolivarian military system definitely sounds like a code word for “I don’t know shit about how militaries actually work, so I’ll replace training with strict adherence to a little red cookbook.

    Don’t want to see anybody hurt, but if there’s going to be a dustup, that’s one I’d tune in to see. Would LOVE to see the Colombians lay down the smackdown.

  3. Mike

     /  August 18, 2009

    Yeah. From what I know about this system is that it is supposed to be “REALLY” secret so the evil US can’t train against it. The reality is that there isn’t anything to keep secret, its really just a bunch of AK passed out to the masses and new Russian Tanks for the regulars (now led by politically correct leaders).


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