Honduran soldiers defend constitution, UPDATED

The link, of course, is AP (and therefore shit), so if you don’t know the background, here’s the deal:  Zelaya was in deep trouble for having screwed with the Constitution, attempting to pull a Chavez, and the Honduran Supreme Court was getting ready to deliver a smackdown when Zelaya decided to try to do things the old way.

AKA, if you can’t manipulate the law, cow your political opponents with the threat of mass-violence via mobs of useful idiots like Ms. Gaitan (see article).  In this case, the Honduran military wasn’t having it.

Central and South American politics gets narsty, it’s true.  Because of the cronyism inherent to politics, the pure liberals (classical liberals) never quite seem to have a solution that really helps the poor, and the leftist and so-called “nationalist” solutions simply seem to spread the misery around.  I don’t know what balance or prescription would work, but Zelaya isn’t it.  He’s jsut another representative of old-school political thuggery that has continually failed to deliver for about a century and a half now.

Oh.  For those of you new to the problem (aka, Central and South America’s politics are f’d up), an EXCELLENT, rather leftist (but openly so, and therefore intellectually honest) basic history I’d recommend is Born in Blood and Fire.  It’s well-written, reads quickly, and presents the basics in a way that’s easily accessible, even as a bathroom book.  It’s got solid currency as a basic freshman-level textbook, and I strongly recommend it.

UPDATE.  Apparently Obama’s siding with Chavez on this one (no surprise, since it’s Chavez who printed the illegal ballets).  Apparently it’s easier for a Chicago Democrat to sympathize with a left-wing mobocratic caudillo than with a bunch of grunts, legislators, and supreme-court types concerned about preserving the rule of law.  Shameful.  BUT!  Apparently it’s all words, b/c SecState Clinton says we’re not considering dropping aid, either.  Hypocrisy, or Rope-A-Dope for the sake of the rubes?

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  1. Mike

     /  June 28, 2009

    Sigh, this hurts and for exactly the reasons you said. Since no one is going to really dig into this much, it will be spun as a military coup instead of an upholding of the law (about effing time too for that part of the world). So here we go.

  2. Zelaya is nothing but another caudillo trying to use mob violence or the threat of it to abrogate his own oath of office and seize power.

    Of course, Obama will come out and defend this guy…

  3. Mike

     /  June 29, 2009

    And he did, saw it earlier today on Drudge (he linked to a Reuters story though). He can’t support this even though it was a flipping court order and the guy was doing illegal and unconstitutional things?

    Of course, why should we be surprised by this? After all look at all he did for IRAN.


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