Wait, first we hugged tigers…

now we’re up to hugging SHARKS??

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  1. OK, Audie needs to see that. “See, they’re just lovable man-eating man-hugging fishies….”

  2. What kind of shark was that?

  3. Doesn’t matter, the dude it dinner. 😛 Crazy, I tell you. And, Jim, that shark isn’t hugging that guy, that shark is trying to find the weak spot in the shark bite suit…

  4. Bethany

     /  June 29, 2009

    At least the diver was wearing a “shark proof” suit. The diver was trying to prove a point, but was not being dumb about it.

  5. First off, anyone who decides to “hug” a wild animal, ANY wild animal either has a screw loose or is dumb (or a very severe adrenaline junkie) EVEN the ones who are doing it to “prove a point”. Yes, there is good research going on, yes, I UNDERSTAND the reasons why people want to “hug” sharks, or pick up hyenas or any other number of dumb things people do to help a species or prove a point or do it in the name of science. Doesn’t mean it isn’t admirable, but also doesn’t mean it isn’t dumb. The JOKE that you’re missing is Jim wanted me to come see this because he likes to give me shit about being scared of sharks.

  6. It’s snakehandling for the 21st century!!

    Come on down, to Church of Dagon! We’ve got cookies, and sharkhandling every other Sunday. Kids get to play free in our Squid Tank of Scriptural Squiggliness…

  7. Bethany

     /  June 30, 2009

    Point taken, thanks for clearing that up.

  8. happycrow

     /  June 30, 2009

    I don’t think they’re trying to bite him, based on attack angle.

  9. I don’t actually think they are either, I was just running with the “Audie is afraid of sharks” theme that I started with Jim and Maddie when I visited. 🙂

  10. Hey, I do not like to give Audie crap about that; it’s just a playful conversational gambit to make fun of Russ for insisting that the S.F. Bay area doesn’t have sharks, when the most famous shark ever, named “Cadillac” because he was so big he’d swallowed a bumper(he also inspired the movie Jaws), was from the Farallon Islands just off the S.F. coast.

    Now in all fairness, he was probably trying to give reassurances that it’s not all Shark Week out here, but he’s my twin so I get to poke fun…. 🙂

    BTW: nothing against whoever Bethany is (pro’lly some chick named Bethany would be MY guess, ‘cuz I’m S M A R T), but I kinda agree on the hugging predators part.

  11. Your sharks smoke pot and read lefty-rags. And the Jets walk all over them.

  12. Yeah, you can find them at Socialist Action Bookstore, down on Valencia street. But they’re not *my* sharks, I’m an ex-pat Virginian, buddy. 🙂

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