Good news in California?

Apparently, Jerry Brown has an edge on Gavin Newsom for the governor’s race.

I’m all over that.  I don’t agree with Brown on a single damned policy prescription (except “dress well, dummy”), but he’s an honest liberal, rather than what the folks over at Winds of Change call a “skybox liberal,” or as my twin puts it, a “socialist of convenience.”  I like the guy.  Newsom’s hypocrisy and flat-out cold-bloodedness, otoh, has been legendary.

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  1. I’d take Barbara Boxer before I’d take Gavin Newsom. Hell, even my yellow-dog-democrat mother-in-law can’t stand the man, and that’s saying something (although she’d still vote for him before she’d vote for a rublican since she wouldn’t want to “encourage that sort of thing”). Brown’s also a power-politic realist who isn’t above trading his principles for results. That’s bad in that it gets results but good depending on what gets traded for them.

  2. AARG, Maddie was on the computer — the previous comment was me.

  3. Newsom is slick and unwholesome, even by politician standards. And, more importantly, from what I can tell, he’s never met a constituency he wasn’t willing to double-cross.

  4. Honestly, not that Barbara Boxer isn’t bad, but I would take a trained monkey over Newsom. He’s fundamentally incompetent – more interested in photo-ops that doing his job. I could rant for paragraphs but I’ll spare you and just say that the guy’s useless.
    Oh, and that really was me this time 🙂

  5. No, please, rant for paraphgraphs, I’ll put on some popcorn. 😀


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