Quick What’s-Up Post

Had second-round interview today.  Guy giving it is a poker-player, but I got from him the same general-demeanor reaction as last time, so hoping is good.

Am no longer training in Denton — no point, really.  When the guy you train with won’t return emails or phone calls, nor reply to blog comments, that’s pretty much a Mark1-A1 Clue.  Instead, I’ve gone back to the stuff that Bernie Langan taught me… and lo and behold, I’m actually healing!  My back hasn’t felt this good in two years, and I can feel the beginnings of my shoulder injury (where I bobbled a squat) starting to come loose, too.  So, health:  a good thing.

Am just about ready to work on the third draft of Malik (a novel I wrote in ’07), which, if I haven’t totally farked it up, will be the final “pre-sending-out-door” draft.  Have to fix some visual scenes and a lot of dialogue.  While I’m sure as hell not a writer, and don’t ever really want to claim to be (I know some writers, but and culturally/temperamentally, I ain’t one of them craftspeople), the “spinning a yarn” process I can live with.

And it’s summertime.  Not my favorite time of year.  I can live with it, but part of my truly pines for a northern clime with more clouds and fog.  I’ve been getting sneaky feelers from folks in Juneau and Seattle, but I’ve no idea what I’d do there for a gig, so… first steps first.  AKA, “Am I employed?  For how long?  Okay, got it.  Kill debts.  Am I not employed?  Okay, got it, fix that.”

That’s pretty much it for now.  Except I might have finally figured out basic tailoring. Got some nifty leather projects I’m just about ready to try, once it’s cool enough that I could wear some of them without spontaneously exploding.

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  1. Yay Malik, Juneau and nei gung! That’s much better than eating crows; plus if you end up in Alaska we’ll visit you for the bad weather. 🙂 And if you remain in Irving, I’ll visit and read the next draft….

  2. Alaska has jobs aplenty, but usually for AK residents only (to handle their unemployment issue), a hard-to-square circle. Malik will start happenin’ 4REALZ this weekend, and then into the next.

  3. looking forward to it; keeping toes crossed over job — if gotten, will this one be perm?

  4. Nope. Perm is a political and budgetary question. This will be “gets to be temporary for another 9 months”

  5. Mike

     /  June 11, 2009

    Good luck on it man. I hope you stick around here for a bit longer. Alaska is a bit far for a visit.

  6. It’s true: people I care about is by far the greatest motivation for staying.


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