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Scuttlebutt has it that among the recommended for Round Two interviewees is a gal with an art-history degree.  If true, this means:

1)  She’s being brutally strung along simply b/c she’s a minority who applied, but will be squeezed out in round two (because it would be blatantly illegal to hire her:  art history is a completely separate field from history itself).

2)  She’s being advanced over top of people who were legally qualified for the job simply b/c she’s a minority… aka this college district is “going Dallas,” and putting its applicants through an affirmative-action filter.*

Either way, if scuttlebutt is true, this would officially be suckage.  Since none of the department hires were allowed to advance to full-time status this last year b/c the department’s lily-white and they wanted a new round of interviews (and I must be at pains to point out that this is legit, aka, “demonstrate to me that you’ve hired the best from your applicant pool and that your department isn’t pulling some hiring bullshit based on race”), either is credible. 

Which means that in spite of having gotten glowing reviews last year, there’s a very good chance that I’m going to be back to putting out resumes.  I’m good in a classroom, but don’t have the certs that a corporate trainer requires, so this would mean either admining, or else trying to put together a business plan and start a business.  Unfortunately, the entire process is opaque, with nobody willing to say anything to anybody officially because of the legal liabilities involved — I could be just totally hunky-dory for another year, or I could be SOL in favor of an art-history instructor.  And because that process is completly opaque, 10 days on after an interview I’m still completely and utterly clueless.

“38 and career-less” sucks bilge water through a cocktail straw.

3)  Oh, yeah, and option #3.  The rumor mill is full of shit, and she’s got a regular history degree, or else more than one master’s degree, one of which is in mainline history. 

But being forced to depend on said rumor mill is No Fun(tm).

*While it’s  technically illegal to discriminate on race in hiring, Dallas County’s humanities programs only hire via the Visiting Scholar Program, which is a diversity program explicitly dedicated to improving the percentage of non-white professors.  It’s an open secret that straight white males need not apply for full-time positions in the District, and on some campuses this extends even to the adjunct positions.  I’ve had a dept. head at Northlake, for instance, blatantly lie about the qualifications required to teach in order to keep me out of the department (this while I was already employed not only for DCCCD, but also for two other districts).

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