I need an Iphone.

No, REALLY.  Or, failing that, memristors, and fast, please.  Huge chunks of the more meaningful parts of what I do are based on the ability to recall either language vocabulary or historical data on the fly, and I can say unequivocally that these things would make me significantly more effective all across the board.  The “internet lookup” to which said article refers is not all that different in kind from a grammar-table lookup.  Welcome to the Shadowrun sci-fi world of “skillsofts” and uploading your Wheelock’s Latin Grammar.   Babelfish is already breaking down tons of barriers with cheap and good-enough basic translation (I’ve carried on some reasonably serious conversations in Polish with an art-historian/tailor in Krakow, for instance, via Poltran.com, and otherwise, my IQ in slavic languages is about the same as my shoe size):  this would, in only one possible application, be like taking that and hooking it up to a nuke plant.

Not to mention — along with the basic facts of history, I teach critical thinking.  I have no fear of the day we can simply upload every piece of raw data you need to bypass the data-crunching part of a high-school education, and make education all about how to employ those ideas in ways that, at the risk of sounding corny, increase that person’s power and ability to shape their future to their liking.


Obama Administration…

I’m starting to seriously lean towards the Carter, Round Two interpretation.

First the meet with Russia, then the gift-embarrassment with Britain, now Brazil.  Not that folks don’t make mistakes: but when they’re made this early and this often, political heads should be all over the floor, and the fact that they’re not screams political incompetence.

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