This is why we call Europeans wimps

Man without a gun attacks day-care center, strolls out alive after knifing people.

One, read, ONE person tried to disarm the guy.  DISARM???  Okay, that guy or gal wasn’t a wimp, but wow, what a bad judgement call.  Somebody with a painted up face who’s carrying an axe and a knife strolls into a daycare center:  how about HIT HIM IN THE FACE WITH A LAMP? 

That person gets a pass.  The 50-something lady probably couldn’t do much anyway, since this guy was prepared to kill, not monkey around.  Where the hell was everybody else?  Hiding under their desks?  

Okay, let’s give the scared ladies with dick for training of any kind a pass, too.  Day-care ladies (with one very specific exception I know) are not generally known for the kind of psychological mindset required to confront a dude with facepaint and a knife.  But nobody came running to help?  Nobody saw a guy coming out of a daycare with a bloody knife and did anything?

I know y’all don’t have guns.  I know you don’t want guns, because that would make you mean people who could stop middle-aged women and babies from being stabbed to death.  But, maybe… you could try swords?  Shovels?  A big piece of wood?

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  1. Mike

     /  January 24, 2009

    I wouldn’t say we are that far away. My example is Virginia Tech, why didn’t anyone rush that guy? But we do have tons of examples where that does happen, such as the woman who shot that armed intruder in the Denver Church. So maybe we are not doomed yet and we can stop the maddness. Europe? Forget them, they are a lost cause. Remember the school shooterin Scotland? Result, gun bans for all handguns for all people who actually obey the law.

    Its stuff like this that makes me actually yearn for the days of the Wild West. Jesse James’ gang was not crushed by law enforcement, it was smashed by a bunch of regular joes who grabbed their own rifle or shotgun and started shooting back. I personnally liked the guy who was a UNion Army sharpshooter as my prime example of what a single armed citizen can do (he shot something like 4 gang members with exactly 4 shots).

  2. Mike, there’s a big difference between rushing a dude with a couple of nines, and taking on a guy with a knife. Otherwise, generally I agree with you.

  3. I’d heard about this on NPR yesterday and I was sort of wondering the same thing. How did that guy manage to do that much damage, and *then* hop back on his bike and pedal away? I just don’t understand – he actually managed to kill multiple people and put a bunch more in critical. One guy. With knives. I don’t understand…

  4. Alex

     /  January 25, 2009

    I’m more than a bit appalled about this one as well. In my (meager) opinion there is only one option in dealing with this obviously insane person.
    Put him down. He’s an animal, bereft of any humanity. Kill it like you would a rabid dog.

    However, I know what will really happen, which isn’t so much a thing that Europeans are wimps so much as their moral culture is perhaps fatally flawed. This maniac will get treatment and be put away in an insane asylum at worst, at best treated and released. Why? Because European society, after so many years of warfare and bloodshed (ironically the things that put them 1st in the world) has had a revulsion to this previous behavior and therefore has decided that they will try to live above basic human nature and become more civilized. Remove the causes of violence and promotion of violence and society becomes good. Idealistic but naive.

    Or so I think, but I think its related. A lot of the environmental regulations that came out of Europe began with revulsion to leftovers and damage from the industrial revolution, or the post WWII industrial messes that occurred. We had our burning Cayahoga river – Sweden has its festering copper mine sores. Eventually the society gets sick of it and goes to an extreme to try and solve it. I think the same thing (overreaction to violence creating a non-violent majority populace) has happened here, but I could be very wrong. Maybe this maniac knew EXACTLY what he was doing and knew where society was the weakest to inflict the most damage.

    Who knows. Either way I doubt just will be done, but I would love to be wrong.

  5. Mike

     /  January 25, 2009

    True about the nines vs. knives, but when it is blantently obvious he is going to shoot you no matter what, what do you have to lose? That was the point I was going for. I understand that an old woman can’t do much, but should she just give up and let some nutjob do his worst? If you knew that anytime you started any trouble, everyone in the society was going to attempt to go ape^&*( on you long odds or not, you would probably have a fairly orderly society.

    But you do have a point, if you don’t know that said wacko is going to shoot you you could probably just stay calm and ride it out.

    We actually were talking about something like this at lunch the otherday. It was based off of that foiled terrorist plan to attack Fort Dix. Why don’t people go after Military bases in the US more? We have enough homegrown nuts and anti-war types to want to try it so why not? Probablly because of the concentration of people who understand violence and its use and are willing to use it when needed. A military base is a society where you do have a lot of people who would jump someone doing somthing like this, so it usually doesn’t happen here. Of course, it still can happen which just shows me that really even a good idea will have exceptions.

  6. Alex

     /  January 25, 2009

    We don’t know what the old woman did. She may have tried to put up a fight and lost quickly. The children certainly weren’t going to be able to defend themselves.
    You make a very good point about few attacks on military bases, and maybe this nutjob deliberately went after a weak spot in society where he could do the most damage and get away with it. Which makes him smart and probably sane – all the more reason to put him down like an animal.

  7. Day cares are a weak spot. Having worked in one, almost everyone who is hired is hired because they are cute going to college students, older women who have retired, or people who have just graduated with a teaching degree and have to have some experience with kids before a district will hire them. Except for myself and a girl who was an avid gun collector, none of the people I worked for would have known what to do if some guy walked in wielding a knife except to scream and cry. And day cares don’t have plans for stuff like that. There aren’t any phones in the rooms (at least not where I worked) so if the guy gets passed the front desk the teachers are on their own and there isn’t a whole lot in the class rooms to be used as weapons, other than maybe throwing a chair or a block at the guy. It’s a scary thing, and I agree with Alex, the guy should be put down like a rabid dog.

  8. Yup.

    And with all the inevitable screaming… he strolls out and gets on a bicycle? Were the streets EMPTY?

    Boggles the mind.

  9. convivialdingo

     /  January 25, 2009

    I’d agree with mexalapotis… day care is designed to have few, if any “dangerous” articles as possible. About your only defense would be a chair – and they’re probably padded or light-weight plastic. They don’t hire violent people, either.

    It’s really just sad.


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