I have GOT to try this.

Meet America’s answer to turostyusza.  I mean, serious Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man-type stuff.

Of course, my best friend with the smoker has the alarming habit of being a healthy eater, so I’d have to make a salad the size of Nebraska to go with it.  But, I mean, DAMN.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, courtesy of sick minds, the Bacon Explosion.

What is it, you ask?

It’s BACON.  Stuffed with Italian Sausage.

So….what kind of beer goes with this?  You can’t have this with brandy…

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  1. Alex

     /  January 8, 2009

    I’m thinking a good ale would go well with this. I can recommend some English ones that I think would be appropriate. For American Beers, same thing – Ales. However, I have a feeling that Shiner Bock would go real well with this. Shiner is great with a lot of meats I’ve found.

  2. Zathras

     /  January 8, 2009

    It can’t be any worse for you than chicken fried bacon:

  3. Actually, I’d highly recommend Chianti to go with it.

    And, by the way, DAMN! I want one for xmas….

  4. Shiner’s good with it.
    I’d just water the Chianti. Actually, I can see it going. But Chianti isn’t real wine, it’s like “easygoing grapes I like. 🙂

  5. Mike

     /  January 8, 2009

    I would think that any beer would be great, so long as you have a LOT of it. If you are going to eat this, why skimp?

  6. I think what they should really do is cook it, freeze it, cut it into hockey-pucks, then bread & fry it with cheese on top for inch-thick burgers.

  7. Anna

     /  January 9, 2009

    Jim, I am NOT going to be the one to call your beautiful wife to tell her you’d been taken to the hospital after consuming that variation, m’kay? 🙂

  8. Mike

     /  January 9, 2009

    Ooooo, I will. On that subject, Battalion Hail and Fairwell tonight at Meers.

    Some can dream about this, I get to LIVE it tonight.

  9. Those were some good burgers. Meers is almost worth an emergency road-trip.

  10. Anna

     /  January 9, 2009

    Mmmm, Meersburgers.

  11. Mike

     /  January 10, 2009

    Yes, they were GOOOOOOOOD!


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