Hamas pigfuckers reduced to 8-year-old wordfights

“We were just going to genocide you all, but now that you’re actually coming after us, we’re going to DOUBLE-DOG genocide you!!”


EDIT:  I realize that the title to this post might be considered crude, inflammatory, and non-objective, so I want to apologize in advance to any pigs who might feel offended by it.

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  1. Mike

     /  January 6, 2009

    Heh, I know a couple of pigs who might take offense to this seeing as they actually put up more of a fight getting loaded onto a truck for market, but I ate them long ago so who cares. You are dead on about the crap that is coming out of Hamasland. I read a great article about how the Palistians are now saying Hamas is like AQ in that you only get pre-recorded sound bites that don’t seem to be quite connected to the current reality.

    Its game over once we hear the word “gallent”.

  2. Keine Sheiss! Those poor benighted souls in Palestine voted Hamas into political power, and Hamas has responded by pouring missiles into Israel. Now they suffer when the same group hides munitions behind its citizens, cannot create a single job or maintain any type of economy, and continues to play the puppet to their masters in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia et al.

    I feel for the innocents, of course, but there are none of those in the Hamas organization. There are plenty of those among the citizens of Israel and Gaza, and that is why I support the government of Israel pounding the crap out of those Hamas bastards.

    And, yes, I have known plenty of pigs with a lot more character than those ass-pirates.

  3. I haven’t known any pigs, but Hamas is doing full-court press trying to recycle video they use to accuse Israel of atrocities a few years ago, and even the twinkies out here aren’t buying it.

    All I’ve gotta say is “Hamas has already fucked its own people; someone tell ’em to leave the pigs alone.”

  4. You know you’re in trouble when you’ve lost your twinkies.

  5. Mike

     /  January 7, 2009

    Ain’t that the truth. When you have other Muslim countries going “nice job dumbass” that is an indicator you have perhaps jacked up a bit.


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