Operation BeeBop

No, not Cowboy BeeBop.

Rather, this.  The cat you are seeing in this creature is a wild/stray who we’ve fed over the ages, and who I’ve gradually… befriended isn’t the right word, but we get along… and she does like her skritches…. in spite of herself.  Meet BeeBop.


Yes, this IS a stray cat… and no, she’s not trying to escape in the picture, but rather she’s pillowing furiously.

She’s got the potential to be an Official Mitchell Cat.  In this spectacularly unflattering picture, the hyper-relaxed look on my face is only partially for kitty’s sake…. she’s got the “put you to sleep” vibe pretty down.  (Requirement #3 for Official Mitchell Cat-dom).

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  1. Alex

     /  November 19, 2008

    We call the cat “put you to sleep” vibe “snooze gas”, which cats seem to let out along with the sometimes broader spectrum gases when they’re young. When our previous cat, (fallen) Saint Grace would get warm and happy sleeping, she would make us sleepy as well, followed by unusual smells. After having to defend myself vigorously that I was not to blame eventually it was determined that the cat, the beautiful sleeping cat, first hit us with the snooze gas and then the nasal blister agent that came with Turkey she ate that day.
    We’re going to adopt a pair of cats this weekend, depending upon which ones pick us at the pound. It’s good to have a cat come back into one’s life and I’m looking forward to this event, even though I still miss Saint Gracie quite a bit.

  2. Yay for BeeBop! She’s a real sweetie, and it looks like she’s taking to the indoors like a champ 🙂

    Alex – I’m sorry your Grace is gone. Good luck at the pound this week-end…

  3. Alex

     /  November 23, 2008

    Thanks for the kind wishes Madeleine, and success was had. We have two tiger cats today, Fred(erick Barbarossa due to red spots) and Hazel.

  4. Anna

     /  November 23, 2008

    Yay for your new kitties, Alex!

  5. Congratulations on the new editions Alex!

  6. Alex

     /  November 24, 2008

    Yes, we’re pretty happy about it too. The new kitties are settling in nicely – still some stress from the location change (Fred’s stomach is rebelling somewhat, but the vet thinks its just stress), but other than that they’re making us very happy. Hazel insists that the top of the head IS a valid place to sleep at night but I’m working on that.
    I notice in the picture of BeeBop the spots – Fred has pretty similar spots to the point that we’re thinking he’s definitely part Ocicat.

  7. Anna

     /  November 24, 2008

    Sweet; spotty kitties make good purrboxes. And yes, my first and best cat ever, Marco Polo also insisted to sleep on the head. Even when he wasn’t a kitty any more, but a 16-pounder. It caused some friction…:)

  8. Alex

     /  November 24, 2008

    Julie had a cat many years ago called Marco Polo because as kittens he had a lot of adventures. What are the odds?

  9. Anna

     /  November 24, 2008

    LOL; that’s eerie. Mine got his name because when he was hours old he somehow got out of his mommy’s box and stumbled around the room. Plus, when we met him the first time with my sister at the family we adopted him from, he climbed into her boots she left in the hallway. He was adventurous till the end: one night he asked to be let out, as was his custom, when the pizzaman came to the door, and we’ve never seen him again.
    I SO miss him.


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