Cloverfield: A Highlander in the Making?

Cloverfield got a lot of “meh” reviews, but, as I was stitching a vest (using the finest stitching pony known to man… Kevin’s Dad really knew his tools), we watched movies, including Hellboy II, and Cloverfield…

which was amazingly rewatchable, seen as “Monster Comedy.”  Mostly because of TJ Miller’s brilliant performance as Hud.

“What’s that?” — “Something terrible.”

“What was that?”  — “Uh… something else….. also terrible.”

Brilliant. I’m seriously guessing that this one’s going to wind up a cult flick.

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  1. convivialdingo

     /  November 16, 2008

    I loved Cloverfield… and I agree, absolutely hilarious!

  2. I had it’s funny parts, but it was quite intense. I’m sure that the mystery surrounding the film beforehand, and seeing it at 12:01 really set the atmosphere to make it that way.

    Watching the film about a week ago in a living room was definitely unsatisfying though.

  3. I’m waiting for the sequels; this’ll be one of those cases that justifies direct-to-video.

  4. Superbiff

     /  November 19, 2008

    Cult flicks don’t usually do $170 million in the theatres on a $25m production budget :). Add to that DVD sales that have also been quite strong..

    Unfortunately, it looks like Abrams doesn’t want to do a sequel.

  5. It’s kind of hard to see how he’d do it. What’s the plot, “Clover grows up?”

    I’d love to see it if he can figure it out, though. Send in some special-forces teams to sift through NYC with some biology guys trying to get additional samples for stuy, use that as your camera schtick? :::shrugs:::

  6. Superbiff

     /  November 23, 2008

    Well the original idea was to show other places it had hit or other cameras .. If you notice when you watch it, there are a number of scenes intentionally placed in which you see other groups with their own cameras, filming the whole thing.

    I dunno what samples would be useful though considering Clover is completely unharmed.


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