A new home on Mars?

Buzz Aldrin things we should “Go Windward, Young Man, Go Windward!”(fn)

My response would be… can we do this, say, 8 am?  I don’t know how many folks are like me, but a lot of me and mine would be GONE the moment a realistic chance to get into a training program, get off this rock, and start up somewhere else raised its head.

Don’t get me wrong.  Earth is gorgeous.  But so’s the Valles Marinaris.

(fn) Sunward-windward, spinward, anti-spinward?  East and west don’t make much sense in space….

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  1. Way premature. That’ll be the domain of those who don’t have families first; they’re not at fault for risking themselves on the venture the way those with responsibilities would be.

  2. Alex

     /  November 3, 2008

    Have you read the Red/Green/Blue Mars Series by Robinson? Good books in their own right, but I think a bit insightful on human nature in such a place. I agree that the initial waves would indeed be those without families, but, eventually families could prosper there, albeit very differently than we have here.

  3. I think Robinson is pretty good, but I actually don’t see a lot of the social dynamics changing *that* fast. We have experence with the settler dynamic here, and families are a huge part of it.

    For the super-short-term, there won’t be any kids in the process, b/c we won’t want to expose them to that kind of G forces on launch. Once that’s out of the way, the barriers drop dramatically.

  4. Once there are habitations, sure. But let the young & single experiment with atmo recycling and those other nasty problems we haven’t solved yet.

  5. Alex

     /  November 4, 2008

    This recently announced technology should help people get to Mars and thrive there:

    Without such radiation shielding, I doubt colonists could survive long on Mars. The UV and radiation exposure will be very high due to the thin Mars atmosphere, and, most materials that you would build living quarters out of will degrade under these conditions. Unless you build “concrete” shelters there on Mars.

    I wonder if we will see anyone go to Mars in our lifetime, even if it is a one-way trip. I wonder if either candidate today will continue the Ares program currently underway at NASA.


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