And I feel fine?


Made one of those classic mistakes this weekend, retreating backwards against an energetic student.  Caught a waster thrust square in the face.  Fortunately for me, I have a big nose, but my upper jaw and gums have seen better days.

Also…. ate a vegetarian pizza today for lunch (just couldn’t stomach the chille rellenos on order, though I usually love them)… and actually enjoyed it.

Yeah, I know.  Freaky, isn’t it?

UPDATE:  Jimdesu proposes a caption contest… go for it!  First prize gets a cookie.  Or something like that.


Pandora Radio

Okay, folks, this is Internet Radio… in particular, this is my new cracklike addiction.  Finally, an answer to “what kind of music do you like?”

So far, their emphasis on “channels” has hit the spot beautifully… and it works.  It’s nice, especially for guys like me who have this vast musical exposure that I can’t quite tap into, and want to understand the relationships better.

(Might be getting a soprano sax for Christmas, though… all you folks who think you know me are in for it if that comes through….  never guessed I had a secret thing for funk, did ya?)

Okay, this is just creepy: the Church of Obama?

You know, my wife has often remarked that the Obama campaign’s speeches sound almost exactly like the Communist Party speeches she had to hear growing up.  But as it goes on, and I make my DC15 Will check, I’m struck that this is as much a secular church meeting of sorts, much like the early socialists and their pro-social “hymns” predating the Internationale.

I mean… listen to it!  It’s….. well, it’s creepy.

Crazy Ukrainian Types

Teaching a seminar to people who are mostly talking in a foreign language is a very, very odd experience.

But they’re good guys.  And, yes, they pretty much look exactly like their personalities, particularly the ex-special-forces guy who’s now running a bakery (the gut, he says, is “advertising — is good for business”).

(as a side note, “Holy Widow’s Peak, Batman!”)

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