Hate to quote Fark…

But the commenter to this has it dead on.

“You know what sucks worse than having your house wash out to sea?

Watching it burn on TV beforehand.”

Something on the order of 24 thousand people apparently refused to evacuate from Galveston Island.  Any that manage to actually ride this out and have families should immediately be prosecuted for felony child endangerment: the storm surge on this sucker is expected to be 10% worse than Katrina.

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  1. celogo

     /  September 13, 2008

    You can not legislate common sense. Imprisonment for not having common sense would be futile. And yes, I’m up late watching this hurricane roll in.

    By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen the evacuation map for Houston. Only the immediate coastal zip codes are being officially evacuated.

    A good friend told me today her parents were told to hold out in Beaumont, let the emergencies (elderly, babies, ill) get out first.

    Kudos for the bravery of those who are patiently awaiting their turn to get the heck out!

  2. Oh, I know that folks can choose to stay. But their kids can’t.

  3. Mike

     /  September 13, 2008

    Sheesh, I hope Texas was as ready for this one as the one I got mobed for. I’ll give it to Texas, they have a great plan in place for stuff like this. Its a shame they actually have to use it, but that is life. Anyone care to bet on how long until the media starts the “federal government on its ass” routine? Or the “We got no help for days, what were they doing not helping us?” Never mind the fact that the people were TOLD to get out. Of course, we might not have so much of that, this is Texas after all.

  4. Anna

     /  September 13, 2008

    I don’t think any one of us is screaming about those who elected to stay in areas where there was no mandatory evac order. On the other hand, when your are told it’s a mandatory evac, and you ‘face certain death’ if you stay (even if in 20/20 hindsight thins MIGHT prove false, I don’t know, no actual reports from Galveston Island are in yet)– and you STILL say ‘I’ll just ride it out… when there are reports of people PARTYING on the friggin’ beach hours before the eye hit…um, well, I can’t feel much for those people, except the anger about their kids, if they have any. And I SAW a kid on his bicycle about 2 feet from the waves coming over the seawall on live TV yesterday, just staring at the sea pouring in, no parent in sight.
    What’s wrong with people??

  5. They’re idiots, and evolution will take appropriate care of them.

  6. celogo

     /  September 13, 2008

    Oh, yes, I agree that mandatory evac areas should have been empty. All I was suggesting was that the evac orders did not extend far enough inland.


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