Solipsism at the San Francisco Gate on Georgian War

From the “I can’t imagine a world I’m not the center of” department…

It’s the San Francisco Chronicle/Gate, with with Robert Scheer’s “Georgia War is a Neo-con election ploy.”

First off, let’s get some terminology straight.  As any competent foreign-policy observer will tell you, “neocons” are nothing but Wilsonian Liberals.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Is it possible that this time the October surprise was tried in August, and that the garbage issue of brave little Georgia struggling for its survival from the grasp of the Russian bear was stoked to influence the U.S. presidential election?

Wow.  Now there’s hubris, the historical descendents of the dumbasses in Massachusetts who declared that the cause of King Philip’s War was that men wore wigs, women styled their hair, and people left church early, thus greatly provoking the lord to use those pagans like little Indian-shaped marionettes…

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  1. That’s why I only read the Chron for movie reviews and one particular local politics column — it’s fish-wrap.

    Why are you reading it?

  2. Mike

     /  August 13, 2008

    I would vote for “comedy”. Wow, talk about not getting it. Even though we were not brought onto this world to “get it” (forgive me Mr. Burton), this goes above and beyond the call.

  3. Came up in my reader. But truly, the similarity to 17th-century Massachusetts is astounding.

  4. Isn’t the thought that other nations are sitting around waiting to make war on each other to influence our elections just about the silliest thing t=you have heard since Obama solved the energy crisis by telling us to inflate our tires? The absolute narcissism and hubris of the left wing press is simply breath-taking. Like Vladimir Putin gives a single fuck about how we run our country.

    How about this? “Vladimir Putin tells his puppet president to invade Georgia because he damn well wants him to and does not give a shit about American politics”?

    Hubris indeed…..hmmmmmph

  5. I very rarely listen to Sean Hannity on the radio…. some liberal scored big points about his “bullet-headed incuriosity,” with which I agree, but I heard a radio blurb this year in which he is positing that this is the year that journalism died.

    I don’t think that’s really true, but I can instantly tell which of my students get their news from television…


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