More liberals should have abortions

Wow, okay, Happycrow’s getting offensive.

But, wait a minute.  In the late 80s to early 90s, abortion was celebrated by many liberals.  The current “safe, legal, and rare” attitude on the pro-choice side is a serious change from the sorts of positions NOW used to push.  Something’s changed.  Is it the so-called “Roe Effect,” thus moving the country relatively towards a more conservative public consensus?  If I put “every woman should be able to have an abortion” on a t-shirt, nobody would notice me at a pro-choice rally.  But if I put the title of this blog post on a t-shirt, I’d be lucky to make it out of said rally with my teeth intact.  I think that’s b/c, deep down, people realize that there’s some truth in Taranto’s “Roe Effect” theory.

I was wondering about this because yesterday morning while I was sick of hearing NPR, I flipped over to WBAP and caught their conservative guy Mark Davis.  Not a bad guy, but apparently he regards evolution, and particularly, natural selection, as a theory shot full of holes.  Well, that resonated beautifully with his (relatively ignorant) caller… but we can also speculate, that not only are biological creatures subject to natural selection (a fool can notice that people with sufficiently strong birth defects are less likely to reproduce, for example– if the idea didn’t work, that sort of genetic diversity would make no difference), but that memes also effect selection.

Thus, Hollywood, one of the prime movers of public US liberal thinking, has seen the typical starlets suddenly experiencing a pro-natal “having kids is fashionable” phenomenon since the beginning of the century?

I was curious, b/c Davis is very much against the Fundamentalist LDS guys out at their ranch, and his pretentions to neutrality regarding these folks were paper-thin at best.  Had a couple hundred students from monogamous marriages been seized, he’d have gone nuclear.  So… are the conservatives right, and we should keep only to those ideals that we know promote stable, self-reproducing societies… or should we open up the floodgates, and allow people to do their own thing, secure in the knowledge that if they’re unhealthy…. they’ll be counter-survival and disappear all by themselves?

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