Be careful what you wish for (war protestors)

(hat tip: Instapundit)

Be careful what you wish for when you define “freedom of expression” to include messing with other people. If, as Instapundit suggests, everything old is new again, something else from the ’60s just might catch on again, too…

lead pipes and anti-war protestors with broken knees.

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  1. Mike

     /  July 23, 2008

    Well, simple point here. If that had been a vet who was a Hells Angel its a safe bet that little miss radical wouldn’t have spit on him. I also have to ask if the guy was in uniform or was just hanging around filming in civies. I am betting civies. Why? Anti-war protesters don’t pick fights with people who just might fight back and beat them senseless. But some Mohawk wearing dork (and I feel for real people with mohawks such as some of the 101st or actual Mohawks) who sees a typical WASP college age guy is probably going to assume that “hey I bet I can freak this guy out and he won’t do anything because I look weird.” That does work a lot. But just like in Iraq, if you have someone who looks dangerous and looks like they are looking for a chance to fight, people like this will move on.

    Just like the curs they are. Not real wolves or dogs, little yippy curs who only attack weakness. I use the cur analogy once I started noticing that you never see a anti-war protester go after someone unless its as a gang. This happened during a protest so she/he/it wasn’t alone. But do you ever see an even odds kind of thing? I never have. I did get to read about a report where this happened in 2003 in San Antonio on the Riverwalk where some anti-war types started hassling a Army Reservist in a restuarant. Starting talking real loud, pointing at him, starting making comments about his wife. He made a comment back, they stood up (5 of them, one reservist) and then left when they noticed the three Marine Reservists behind THEM at the next table also stood up. 4 to 5, they retreated.

    But the one problem with standing up to morons like this in uniform is that some of them know we can’t just haul off and take them out, enjoyable as it would be. Protests like that always have ACLU around, and they would jump all over it. Of course, self-defense will work but it has to be clear cut. Spitting is close, but not quite enough. Heh, unless you are in certain areas where the cops won’t care one bit if you did clock a hippie.

  2. I know guys who’d hang out at student protests and then track them down AFTER it was all over to beat the shit out of them.

  3. Mike

     /  July 23, 2008

    Oh that is good.

  4. Mike

     /  July 24, 2008

    The thing about this that bugs me the most about the discussion on the war isn’t so much the screwballs on either side. What actually makes me really mad is how just about every thread of discussion on this stuff gets about 3 posts and then someone says something stupid and the electronic courage takes over. I can’t remember where I heard the term but it works perfectly. Every discussion immediately drops into name calling and examples (poor examples) of wit form both sides. Forget the open discussion with some intelligence, its an electrical playground full of every bully you ever met. Hell, look at DailyKos for a daily dose of this. If everyone who posted on there actually showed some physical courage to back up the electrons we would have something. I try to stay above it when I sometimes add the two cents in, but as I repsonded to someone who told me what he would do to brain-washed baby killer like me, “if you wouldn’t say it to my face do us all a favor and don’t say it here.” The internet gives everyone the chance to be the superman who can spin off the catchy one-liners while showing everyone how they can “stand up for something” via the internet under some cheesey handle. I can understand now why public speaking in the old days was so interesting, you had to actually hold the crowd attention and if you really gave it to the other guy you had to be able to back yourself up physically if need be. I can think of a lot of people who would do well to remember that time.


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