Diplomatic Precursors to Iranian War in Place?

Information Dissemination says the board is green all the way across the major powers.

Some interesting commentary on this one, as well.


Is the “Era of Triangulation” Over?

The Puppy Blender points out something interesting, albeit fairly well-known, and I’d like to see if it justifies the above question:

I had always assumed that the race would tighten up in October, but we’re a long way from then. Why so early? What does this mean?

It is pretty much taken for granted now that the Democratic candidates have a problem: they’re most excited base voters are highly liberal, of the sort that starts to lean directly socialist-lite. To capture those voters in the primary, one has to take positions guaranteeing one’s defeat in the general election, because the Democrats, like the Republicans, are not a majority of the country. So what looks like runaway numbers for the Dems inevitably returns to something significantly more even by the fall.

Senator Obama may still take the race. However, if his poll numbers are dropping this fast, against McCain, who most observers note to be a stunningly inept campaigner, that begs the question… is the Clinton formula a failure? Most ideological liberals started to lose in the late 80s, and Clinton rejuvenated the party’s electoral successes by tacking hard towards the center while winking at the left. GWB was also a very weak campaigner, and even Al Gore as a sitting VP couldn’t quite pull a win by moving straight left.

“Winking” in the era of You-Tube and media exposure that doesn’t outright flatter one party, doesn’t seem to be working. Clinton could get away with it, partially b/c the media was in his camp, and mostly because he had the combination of charisma and chutzpah to simply pull people in his wake, even when they knew he was screwing them over (like the union folks who went for Clinton even as he stepped up with the previous administration’s NAFTA football, and took it into the endzone). (more…)

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