Indian Nuclear Deal back on track

In other words, We win, They Win, They Lose.

The deal with India, that we supply them with “non-proliferable” nuclear tech is about much, MUCH more than that.  It also puts the US and India firmly in “best buds” territory, particularly as the Indians and Chinese debate over Beijing’s String of Pearls strategy… and what the secret is that most folks aren’t saying (and that I wouldn’t have known myself, except for a certain retired nuclear engineer passing me data), is that these reactors that India will get to build will be Thorium reactors.

In other words, nukes that even the greenest of the green greenies couldn’t possibly complain about.  At least, not without being laughed out of the room by his fellow greenies, let alone normal people with a thought process.  That means greater acceptance of nukes, which means… well, fill in the blanks.  A lot of good stuff.

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  1. Yay thorium and breeder reactors. China’s going pebble-bed, which might be easier to sell to the leftist twinkies, but IIRC breeders that allow for recycling can put out something like 60 times more energy per fuel mass. Freakin’ Carter (whom I recently heard didn’t pass his quals?) has left us gobs of fuel sitting around — wouldn’t it be nice to use it?

  2. Yep. And with radiation-electric chips having been invented next year, there’s no such thing as waste: that’s a battery, dude… 🙂


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