Short-short State of the Russ Address

In response to queries:  am whacked out from long drive, but awake.  (Woke up in Durham, drove to Dallas)

I have a job interview for a full-time position on Thursday.  Picked the latest possible spot, because I have an unusual teaching method, and am hoping for an “overshadow” effect.  15 applicants for 3 gigs.  I am eligible for 2 of those slots.  Those are very good odds for an academic applicant pool.  Tomorrow I’m going to prep the  “teaching sample” and abuse the Bunny as a guinea-pig.

Delivered a lecture yesterday in Little Rock, same one as at Kalamazoo.  It’s definitely getting a reaction.  There’s a possibility I’ll be asked to deliver it again later this summer by a historical fencing group.

Accidentally ticked off the bro an’ sis with an answering machine message poking fun at them for the Cali heatwave.  Normally, I “bwahaha” as an indciation of “Verbal smiley.”  Sorry, guys.

Grandma is as well as can be expected considering the significant personal suffering she’s undergoing.  Having been in high-level ongoing pain, I can relate.

Angela is cute and has lots of spark and energy.  I have never seen so much sustained cute out of my younger brother in one shot.  Can’t wait for the wedding.

Administrivia for the next semester continues — summerterm.  I have about a week’s vacation now to spend with the Bunny, and am then back into the grind.

I’m sure there’s something else, but until I get a second coffee, I can’t remember it.  Oh, yeah, Scarborough Faire, and hopefully working on the novel, plus a quiver and ~buffcoat, are May/June projects.

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