Plague Rats

They did it to me again — came to class with strep throat.

Guess what I have now?


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  1. GOD DAMN man!

    I can predict this. Someday, when we start sending manned missions to Mars and the moons around Jupiter, they are going to damn sure want a few vials of Russ Mitchell blood. You are going to have so many antibodies in your blood that it will cure things like “Martian Klingon Cough” and “The Nasty Jupiter Crotch Itch.” Nations will pay for a sample of your antibodies. Riots will erupt when a mission is going to another place and there is a shortage of your cloned blood.

    So sorry, amigo. I hope to talk to you someday when you do not have a temperature in excess of 140 degrees.

    Our prayers are with you, my old and dear friend.

  2. “I’m not dead yet!”

  3. Seriously, get a bottle of germ-x and keep it in your briefcase. It won’t prevent this altogether – but it does cut down on it.

  4. Seriously… what I had was absolutely noncommunicable.

  5. Alex

     /  April 25, 2008

    I dunno James…it sounds like to me that “Russ Mitchell” DNA = “Virii/Bacteria Magnet”. It’s like there is a giant Neon sign advertising a singles bar for diseases floating above his head or something. My children are major vectors for disease and I never get this sick. Keeripes! 🙂
    But I shouldn’t be saying this since I’m a walking pile of genetic defects. I have yet to figure out what my DNA is good for. Hmmm….maybe Mike was right when he suggested Cannon Fodder. I’m dense enough to absorb at least a few airbursts and protect the rest of the herd. 😦

  6. I’ve never used Germ-X, but will have to look into it.
    Part of this is that I’m not simply teaching (that’s bad enough), but teaching in three different counties, on four campuses.

    Which means that if there’s bug going around somewhere between Arlington and Allen I might get it. In terms of environment, I probably rub shoulders with about 10,000 people a week, almost all of them radioactive students.

    At this point, I still have a fever (going down, though), so I’m going to miss the birthday party. Have to figure out how to make up for it later… but bringing plague to a party just doesn’t sound friendly.


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