I too, support the Gadsden purchase

Heck, the Mexican government has been so moribund and detrimental to the rights of Mexicans, ever since Santa Anna abrogated the constitution, that if it werent’ for that pesky slavery issue, I’d have favored a major merger….

anyway, I don’t care if it’s already been Instalanched, this is a funny bit of counter-advertising by SKYY, even if their vodka sucks.  (Absolut’s is even worse.  Come on, folks, if you’re going to drink vodka, drink real vodka.  From potatos. Not made from grain like it’s something destined to be used to clean lab equipment.)

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  1. Chris

     /  April 13, 2008

    Cleaning lab equipment is about all I’d be willing to use vodka for. yuck. Well, ok, that an making limoncello.

  2. Happycrow

     /  April 13, 2008

    real vodka actually has flavor, dood. but putting it in with other flavors is good, too.

  3. I hate lab cleaning equipment when it’s in my eye.

  4. Chris

     /  April 13, 2008

    On the other hand, can’t we just give Kalifornia to Mexico? Its not like we’d lose much of use, and the loss of whatever is useful would probably be worth it in trade to get rid of Hollywood, San-Fran, and Berkeley.

    I’m not sure I’ve had proper potato vodka. Any recommendations?

    Oh – by the way, send me an email so I’ve got your new email. I’m guessing your old one must have croaked?

  5. Happycrow

     /  April 14, 2008

    Luksosowa. Not expensive.

    I have family in Cali, so I might have a different opinion on that now… 🙂

  6. Funny, up here (in CA) they say the same thing about giving Texas back. 🙂

  7. Mike

     /  April 14, 2008

    Heh, but the difference is that Texas could STOP them.

  8. True. That same difference is why, come the zombie apocalypse, me and my guns will establish a new regime of peace, tranquility and property rights. Oh, BTW, the .460’s really fun to shoot (but spendy).

  9. I prefer a katana and double edged tsurugi. 🙂

  10. happycrow

     /  April 16, 2008

    Good, I prefer all of my students to prefer relatively ineffective weapons, myself.


  11. Nah, HappyCrow has shown me the errant nature of my previous respect for Katana.

    (Yes, I’m instigating 🙂 )

  12. I won’t run out of bullets 3 years into the battle. I happen to be quite sneaky also. Saut du chat, draw blade, land, roll, 1 quick flick of the wrist, and then a nonchalant bow. -_-

  13. Oh, Russ or I might eventually run out of bullets, but then he has the famous “Wall of Death” filled with edged weapons that’ll suit him ok, and I’ve got my louisville slugger. Ok, granted, that means I’m probably in trouble, but Russ eats Japanese stylists like the come in six-packs. Cross blades with him some time if should ever happen to need any extra humility.

  14. What about French-Japanese stylists? I’m not saying I would cross blades with anyone, nobody would see me coming. If that doesn’t work… I’m really good at escaping.

  15. Stealth is generally a good option. But bear in mind that our digression includes zombies, which makes stealth of limited utility….

    My closing statement for the digression would be “viva guns!”.

  16. Oh hell, with zombies it is universally known that blunt and bladed weapons are intrinsic to survival. <- One of the only fundamental truths in existance, if one actually exists.

  17. Infrared motion sensors > ninjas

    Be careful, though, JimDesu, he’s positing a single, lone ninja thing. Ninja inversion law states that he’s unstoppable.


  18. Unstoppable – Incapable of being stopped.


  19. Damnable Ninja Inversion! Come on Andrew, get some drinking buddies to put masks on!

  20. I’m only 18…. Thats illegal.

  21. … the consequences of which you’ll be able to cleverly avoid in your black masks! 🙂

  22. And then next it will be exotic cars and cocaine. The viceful life of the ninja. That is quite dishonorable, so I will stop.


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