Better killing through chemistry.

Longsuffering Wife and I  are both mildly allergic to wasps and bees.  So, while I personally like them, and always have, I’ve been keeping them off the garage where they might make a larger than normal nest.  If you want to take out a hornet nest, or a wasp nest, I now have one absolute recommendation:

1 Squirt bottle

1 pint undiluted orange oil

They can’t retaliate if they can’t track you, and, for creatures for whom smell is more “real” than vision, they can’t do that if they’ve just had the equivalent of a sulfuric acid bath sprayed all over them.

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  1. You could also probably use some cheap cologne. The kind that almost comes in a drum barrel. How long are the wasps senses impaired for?

  2. blackpine

     /  March 23, 2008

    I would imagine permanently. It would be like blowing out their eardrums. Antennae suck.

  3. Alex

     /  March 23, 2008

    Feh. You’re all a bunch of novices when it comes to killing bugs with chemicals. I prefer to short circuit their nervous system. Bugs have a sodium based nervous system which cycles between Na(0) and Na+. Na(0) is the metal sodium which ignites upon exposure to water, and is also the reason why bug and spider legs twitch so much when you pull them off – its the sodium reacting with water and setting up an electric current.
    I use what goes through their exoskeleton and brings water directly to their nervous system. A combination of ethanol and toluene (paint thinner) tears them apart. They’ll twitch like crazy as they fall from the sky, and then you can stomp them with glee.

    I’m sorry – I really hate wasps ever since they declared war on humanity in South Carolina. Normally I let them be and let them kill nasty old spiders, but these fsckers decided to 1) set up a homeland outside the door to the apartment complex and 2) attack EVERYONE that went out that door – man, woman and child. I got two nasty shots in one morning. My right hand and my right leg were swollen up like balloons and then they almost got Ian. So I made them pay…..
    How do I know which solvents work on bugs you ask? I trapped some at work in a round bottom flask and tried out various solvents until I found one that worked. Technically tetrahydrofuran works best, but you can’ buy this over the counter.

    Oh, and of course, my solution DOES NOT work on houses with vinyl siding or paint. Only use it on brick and unpainted surfaces.

    Yes, I am a vindictive bastard.

  4. Happycrow

     /  March 23, 2008

    1. I have vinyl siding.
    2. I prefer not to use something that’s actively toxic. Orange oil works just fine, is cheap, and doesn’t screw up my roses beyond a minor burn if I miss.

  5. Well the solvents have such a low vaporization point that they dissolve leaving no trace within hours for about 100ml, and a spray mist would most likely take less than a minute.

  6. blackpine

     /  March 24, 2008

    The hardest I ever took after an arthropod was oven cleaner on a spider. For Wasps, I use commercial stuff with a 20 ft range.

    However, even though I knew it was Alex’s post before I saw the sig, I had Anthony Hopkins or Bricktop from Snatch reading his description.

  7. Alex

     /  March 24, 2008

    And then I ate them with some fava beans. ssssp ssssp ssssp.

    How well you know me. 🙂

  8. blackpine

     /  March 24, 2008

    Or when you stomped them you laid a post card over them and then mailed them to their mothers.

  9. Whatever happened to good ol’ WD-40 and a lighter?

  10. Alex

     /  March 24, 2008

    Cuz WD-40 and a lighter will set your house afire. Also, chitin doesn’t burn that well. Sure you’ll singe the wings off, but for good and lasting harm, ah, that is the job of finely distilled petrochemicals.
    Oh, I should thank Andy for the good laughs this morning. While I decided upon Anthony, Bricktop….oh wow that was a good choice. The postcards still have me laughing.

  11. jd bell

     /  March 25, 2008

    Twenty years ago we had a wasp nest outside of the back door that was terrifiying the Wife and daughters. I got up (night worker), picked up a lighter and a spray pump of cologne and proceeded to knock four of the Wasps down with one fireball.

    Middle daughter demanded that I do it again, said she didn’t know I was a dragon in disguise.



  12. I’m not a big fan of the stinging things either… though I have to admit that not all Apoideas are bad. Julie just pulled multiple quarts of very dark thick honey from this years first harvest. So while the bees and I have a mutual dislike for each other I at least have found a good reason for them to be. I doubt they think the same of me.

  13. Chris

     /  April 6, 2008

    I hate the dirty blighters. Kill them all. Well, as many as possible.


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