What I want in a commute

doesn’t involve “loving the control” of the automobile… it involves wishing these guys succeed so I can sleep during my commute.  I work in three counties, and I see that same stretch of road each and every day… the thrill has worn off, you know?  But while running the Arlington-Plano-Dallas triangle, that’s a lot of snooze time I’d like to take advantage of…

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  1. I have always believed that my flying car (out almost anytime soon) would almost certainly have to belong to a transportation system similar to this. If I could hook my truck up to a system that would get me there, reduce congestion, allow me to sleep, use my cell phone, catch up on last-minute meeting details, write memoes or whatever else I want to do, then I am all for it….as long as we still have the ability to pilot the car on our own in case of emergencies.

    Two sticking points: Firstly, I DO NOT WANT a car that is powered by Microsoft. Secondly, I do not really want any government agency knowing where I go or when I go. Can you imagine what kind of tax schemes people could come up with based on a robotic transportation system? If I have to run to the store for an emergency six pack of beer, I do not need my car telling me that I have “exceeded by greenhouse emissions quota for the day” or other such nonsense.

    One point in favor of such a system, though, is that road rage would become rather pointless. If traffic were slow, it would be kind of moot to flip off the car in front of you. Angrily speeding up, getting in front of them and slamming on the brakes would not be in the software profile……(hmmmm…..hackers, though?….) I think boredom could become a problem. If we have flying cars in such a system, things like the “40 Foot Club” could easily become the vogue.

  2. Happycrow

     /  January 7, 2008

    I suspect that the “40′ Club” would rapidly become, in nearer-term, the “80mph club.”

    And, frankly, between that and a nap, I can see that as a major advantage of the system. In terms of avoiding taxation.. well, as long as it goes on a public roadway, I think that one’s just going to be a fight.

    (Happy New Year, btw… Anna and I keep talking about ambushing y’all… and then we get distracted again…)

  3. Do not consider it an ambush. You are, as you well know, welcome here.

  4. I fail to see what we gain here. I already see reading, talking on the phone, eating, watching tv, sex and even the occasional nap going on in cars around me right now. Seems like just a way to pay more for what you can already do, but with less excitement.

    I’ll pass. 😛

  5. happycrow

     /  January 8, 2008

    It’s the “less excitement” part… or, perhaps, the “properly focused excitement,” that I think is the attraction…


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