EU Superstate… why?

If it’s not simply what the critics describe it to be, that is, a measure of coercive control for the Euro-elite Bureau-kleptocracy, then why, in this age where the advantages go to nimble powers able to engage in diversified competition… is the EU trying to ram the Lisbon Treaty down its members’ throats, whether or not they ratify it? Quote in question below:

The treaty seeks to streamline EU bureaucracy and will also provide more power to the European parliament, albeit it will reduce the number of seats. Furthermore, instead of requiring unanimous passage of a decision, a majority will now be sufficient.

At least in Hungary’s case, ratification first was a no-brainer.  The thoroughly discredited Socialists, many of whom are unreconstructed Communists (including a Kremlin-trained intelligence chief), are going to latch onto anything that they think might help them to survive, particularly as the country’s voters more and more begin to simply describe all of the major parties as useless.

But why the other European nations?

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