First, go get Joe Satriani’s “Surfing With the Alien.”

Okay. Are you ready?

Liar. No you’re not. Go get the CD, or get on youtube, or haxxor the Interweb or whatever you have to do. I’m not typing another word til you have it.

Good job.

Now play it while you read this piece of coffin surfing by Sharif.

This is my favorite part:

“The world must realize that Musharraf’s policies have neither limited nor curbed terrorism. In fact, terrorism is stronger than ever, with far more sinister aspects, and as long as Musharraf remains, there remains the threat of more terror. The people of Pakistan should not be antagonized any further for the sake of one man. It is time for the international community to join hands in support of democracy and the rule of law in Pakistan. The answer to my country’s problems is a democratic process that promotes justice, peace, harmony and tolerance and hence can play an effective role in promoting moderation. With dictatorship, there is no future.”

Okay, not bad sentiemnts per se, but compare the thrust of the piece vs. some of his earlier writings.

I haven’t picked over the full extent of the 1973 Pakistani Constitution, but his main thrust is the “Unfettered Islamic Parlimentary” system and the world be damned on their nuclear program and Kashmir. I know about the UN resolution and the stillborn referrenda, but when you look at his attempts to talk Kashmiri militants out of continuing an armed struggle back in 1999, and his new and improved rhetoric about an unswerving Kashmir policy, it leaves little doubt that he was never serious about the commitments he put his name to regarding the training, funding, arming and deploying of armed militants, some would say terrorists, into neighboring countries. Terrorism is stronger? No, terrorism was cultured into the halls of power before Musharraf got there. Now that the larger elements of it are being expelled, terrorism is metastasizing in Waziristan. Before it had all of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s not stronger, it’s just exposed, and in its exposure Pakistan has finally grasped just how ugly it is.

So now Sharif is advertising himself as Diet Bhutto, all the democracy, all the stability, only half the x chromosomes, leave your foreign money at the door when your done. It’s just awesome to watch someone who is so natural at this Olympic level of bullshit in action. It’s like watching a gazelle run.

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  1. What is amazing to me is that people let folks like him get away with it. He and Bhutto ought to have been laughed right out of their media events…

  2. Alex

     /  January 1, 2008

    I actually have this album (on CD no less – used to even have it on tape, dinosaur that I am) and did as you suggested.

    I don’t get it. The music choice I mean.

  3. He was riding her coffin like a surfboard.

    “Welcome back to Coffin Surfing World Challenge here in Oahu. We have some of the world’s best opportunists here ready to further there careers by riding a coffin. Cindy Sheehan, a two time Champion is here with me as guest annoncer no that she’s retired from riding her son’s coffin. Our first competitor is former Pakistani President Nawaz Sharif! Here comes a 7 meter wave with a pipe and Sharif is all over it! He’ in the tube and now he rips out and boosts major air! Look at him go!”

    “Well, that’s no brand X coffin he’s riding there, that Benazir Bhutto’s coffin.”

    “Is she still warm?”

    “She’s still warm and that’s got to be what’s making the difference!”

  4. Happycrow

     /  January 1, 2008

    I’m guessing you loved “amused to death,” right, Blackpine?
    Not that you’re wrong in any way, shape, or form…

  5. Alex

     /  January 1, 2008

    Ah, I get it now. I dunno…I was thinking something more cheesy and nationalistic playing in the background while you read it.

    Yes, the man is an opportunist, which makes you wonder about how good a politician he really is. If he’s this “good” to make a statement like this to take advantage of the death, why wasn’t he good enough to stay in power long ago. Either he’s getting better with time and wisdom, or he’s a one-trick magician which he’s using right now. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m thinking the latter. But, he’s still enough of a magician to fool the media that he’s democratic, and so like all good politicians, he knows that perception is all that really matters in this game.

  6. Mike

     /  January 1, 2008

    It isn’t hard to fool the media. As long as the other party is connected to the US in any way, or is military-related, they will swallow anything.

  7. blackpine –
    You seem like somebody who could appreciate the loving tender-hearted analysis of Mencius Moldbug (

  8. Alex

     /  January 2, 2008

    Well then Musharraf must be completely incompetent – he wasn’t able to fool the media at all. His speech justifying the government changes he enacted in November/December were not bought by anyone in the Media. His speech equating what he did with Lincoln was ripped by both left and right from what I read.

  9. Mike

     /  January 2, 2008

    No you have it backwards, if you are connected to the US or the military you can’t get the media to believe anything you did was good. As long as it makes you look like a US patsy, it will get printed. Or better yet, make the US look bad.

  10. Alex

     /  January 2, 2008

    No, I’m not backwards. I understand what you’re saying about media bias, which is there, but a good politician, or any politician worth their salt, can play a very good game of perception such that the facts don’t matter at all. In politics the truth does not matter any more – only what is perceived as truth. Once you lose the perception game it is very hard to ever win again. You want to see an interesting take on media bias? Go watch “Good Night, and Good Luck” From either the left or the right you’ll find something very damning of the media in general and what it has become today, and was becoming even in the 50s.

    So back to my original point (if I really have one) – Before all this election crap and the sacking of the judges Musharaf was moderately favored in the media (at least given an even chance). Now he’s blown it – so he’s incompetent as a politician if he can’t keep media favor.

  11. Mike

     /  January 2, 2008

    Okay, I got you now. I tend to hold that the media was never really giving him good marks, but then again he wasn’t portrayed as the anti-christ either.


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